Lame arse-covering

I don\’t understand Cathay Pacific\’s actions in firing a pilot for doing a comedy fly-by when carrying a plane-load of cheering bigwigs on the plane\’s maiden flight. Or at least, I don\’t understand their actions in only firing the bloke after the story got onto the Internet.

Either you think this is an Terrible and Bad Thing That Should Never Be Allowed, in which case a) you\’re a tool b) the chap should have been fired straight after the event rather than applauded and toasted by the managers on the plane; or you don\’t, in which case sacking the chap is obviously a bit pointless and bizarre.

PR damage limitation? Perhaps, but I can\’t see how this could have caused PR damage without the sacking – surely anyone in their right mind would rather fly on planes that did groovy stunts than not, given the choice…?

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