The what-th Amendment now?

As any fule kno, publishing controversial material in England, especially if it concerns evil litigious rich bastards, is unwise.

Many bloggers, me included, host their sites [*] in the US, on the grounds that Yank courts are generally a little bit saner about That Sort Of Thing (yes, I know it doesn\’t legally protect me from a libel action in England, but any sue-er would need to demonstrate to an English court that the person they\’d dragged into the dock was Mr PDF, which would be difficult without records from my US hosting company).

However, the experience of WikiLeaks suggests that American courts are almost as fucking rubbish as ours. It\’s a (truly excellent – as with all freedom-of-information stuff, anyone who opposes it should be crucified and resurrected on an infinite torture cycle forever) site that allows whistleblowers to post for the perusal of the unwashed masses.

Some such documents concerned Nazi-gold-laundering Swiss cunts [**] Julius Baer. The crooks\’ bank first issued a writ to WikiLeaks directly for \’violation of trade secrets\’ (oh noes! our sekrits is violateds!). But worse, while that case awaits trial, Julius Baer have served a writ on the doman registrar that manages the domain banning them from, err, doing their job: instead, the domain points to nowhere.

…which is a bit depressing. On the plus side, there are an awful lot of mirrors where Wikileaks can be activated (also, awesomely, BBC News has a story that links directly to one of the mirrored sites – hooray for misplaced legal actions that massively increase the bad publicity for the fuckwits who bring them). Still, it\’s just a shame that the one country that claims to be totally free-speeched up has let the world down on this one.

Relatedly, if you\’ve not seen the Northern Rock information memorandum from last autumn, then Wikileaks still has a copy. In some ways, it was daft of NR and the government to try and restrict this one, given that it confirms the fact that the bank really does have a high-quality loans book that\’s putting the taxpayer at more or less naff-all risk…

[*] or \”site their hosts\”, if you prefer

[**] \’Nazi-gold-laundering Swiss cunts\’ is used here as a general synonym for \’Swiss\’ – I have no knowledge of or interest in the question of whether Julius Baer itself laundered Nazi gold, but since Switzerland\’s prosperity is based on taking a cut from every thief, fraudster and genocidaire going, it\’s certainly profited indirectly from horrible suffering.

One thought on “The what-th Amendment now?

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    My advice for those who have something to say which might get them into trouble with an Usmanov, is to use a Brazilian web-host. You’ll probably have to get a Portugese-speaker to help you with the set-up and ordering process of course, and for a little added security I’d suggest using a semi-anonymous form of payment, such as a 3V voucher — it’s not difficult to get a 3V card issued to a false name and address. But once that’s done, I very much doubt there’s much could be done about the site.

    I should point out that I’ve not had any reason to do this myself, so this is all hypothetical, but it seems pretty air-tight to me. Also, you’re probably technically committing fraud if you get a 3V card under a false name, but as you can buy the vouchers with cash, I don’t see it as having a high risk of detection.

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