India is well Mexico

I\’ve slightly mixed feelings about this Nathan-in-training.

On the one hand, he\’s an utter tit; on the other hand, I was an utter tit when I was 18; everyone I know [*] was an utter tit when they were 18; and if my dad had got me some kind of totally national writing gig when I was 18, I\’d probably have taken it and made an utter tit of myself in front of a crowd of bitter cynical thirtysomethings.

Ah well, it\’s not going to stop the designer-stubblised little twat getting laid with loads of impressionable girlies who think he\’s so deep man because he\’s like totally a published writer, and it\’s just about possible that – particularly if he gets threatened with jail by a drunk Indian policeman, has an AIDS scare after a stupid night in a Thai brothel, and generally has his Nothing Bad Can Ever Happen bubble punctured a bit – he might grow up into someone bearable. Or at least, grow up.

(Via DJCJD and Larry, who are less equivocal)

[*] bar one, for the pedants.

2 thoughts on “India is well Mexico

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    Update via the his DJ-ness:

    I’m like totally sympathetic to your points? I don’t think I was particularly savage on the Barley-boy… It’s the editor’s judgement which seems, um, quesionable.

  2. Katy Newton says:

    You know, if you write for Devil’s Kitchen you get used to the odd bout of vitriol in the comments box, but even so I am a bit surprised that a 19 year old writing about what he’s doing on his holidays can attract comments like “I hope he gets dysentery and shits himself to death”. If being boring was a capital offence, the population of Great Britain would be reduced to one, i.e. me.

    Having read through some of the comments, I also get the feeling that this is motivated less by nepotism than by resentment at a “posh” kid getting a gap year abroad, which is laughable given that posh 19 year olds on gap years make up about 75% of the Guardian’s readership and probably 75% of the people in the comments box.

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