Posted on February 10, 2008

Sharia quiz

Which westernised country already has a parallel sharia law system in place for its Muslim minority inhabitants to use, if they so desire?

And why aren\’t the likes of Melanie Phillips up in arms about said country\’s craven surrender to the forces of dhimmitude and generally letting-the-side-down?

Oh, that\’ll be why, then…

Via Dan. Relatedly, this comment is a particularly good summary of the \”I am an ignorant bigot and will spout on about grand principles about which I know fuck all\” school of argument:

Why can we not say definitively and without equivocation that a bed rock principle of a liberal democracy is that there is only one law and that all are subject to and equal under it?

Err, perhaps because that has never been the case anywhere, either de jure or de facto, and never will be the case anywhere? So assuming you want to accept the existence of such a thing as a liberal democracy, you\’d probably best find a different bedrock…