Posted in January 2008

Any area where Richard Littlejohn goes…

Yes, obviously Richard Littlejohn is a lying cunt; and as with the Moslemhass crew passim [*], I\’d normally not even bother mentioning his drivellings. However, since he\’s lying about my direct experience here, with reference to the silly bishop\’s no-go-area ranting:

All Bishop Nazir-Ali did was state the bleedin\’ obvious. Yet even William Hague has attacked him, saying the idea that Christians are made to feel uncomfortable by Muslim extremists is not a Britain he recognises.

In which case, I suggest Hague heads a few stops east of Westminster, along the Mile End and Whitechapel Roads, where Muslim monoculturalism holds sway.

No it fucking doesn\’t. The most Muslim bit of the area he\’s talking about is just over 50% Muslim. That happens to be the ward where I live. I\’m very blatantly not a typical Muslim by appearance [**], and I\’ve not been given the slightest grief of any kind by anyone (unlike some people in some areas by some groups of other people).

The only sense in which Littlejohn\’s assertion could be considered accurate is if the mere site of non-white people clad in funny robes makes you uncomfortable. And frankly, the fact that having areas with large ethnic minority populations makes bigots uncomfortable doesn\’t strike me as A Terrible Thing.

Update: in a better world, Jamie K would have a nationwide column and Richard Littlejohn\’s head would be pickled in a butcher\’s shop:

There’s quite a lot of Poles on this side of Cheetham Hill Road. The local grocers sells tins of pickled pigs head along with Special Brew and other fine Danish products. That’s because it’s one of those Muslim no go areas the Bishop talks out of his arse about.

[*] I can\’t think of an appropriate semantic variant of \”anti-semitism\”, for obvious reasons, so I\’m going by analogy to \’Judenhass\’. This is more appropriate than \’Islamophobia\’ because the latter is overused to refer to anyone who doesn\’t like every aspect of Islam, rather than people who talk like a 1933 German tabloid with the subject changed (or a 1250 English tabloid, if we\’d had them. Doubtless Private Eye have done this at some point…)

[**] \”typical\” inserted through pedantry, since there are doubtless some Muslims who look like me. While it\’s irrelevant to the discussion, I\’m about as far from being a Muslim as you can be without being Christopher Hitchens: I just don\’t like Moslemhass is all…

Morris genius

I\’d not heard this before… apparently it\’s a Hidden Secret Track on The Day Today DVD:

First they came for the despicable cunts…

Following medical advice, I\’ve stopped reading or attempting to argue with the knuckle-dragging baboons who make up the UK\’s extreme right. Therefore, I\’ve managed to avoid blogger Lionheart, who posts insane lying paranoid bollocks about Teh Evil Muslim Threat.

Unfortunately, Mr Lionheart has received word from the police that he is being investigated on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, and should report to a cop shop forthwith to discuss matters with Inspector Knacker.

This is about as strong a test of freedom of speech principles as you can imagine… on the one hand, Mr Lionheart is a bitter, twisted and deranged man who spreads poisonous lies about a minority group [*] – and indeed, a man who thinks that Muslims ought to be locked up for hate speech against non-Muslims. On the other hand, the guy is writing crap on a blog, not addressing a public meeting of violent loonies.

Overall, much as it would be gratifying to see the cunt locked up for a good long time [**], it probably behoves those of us who aren\’t mad (irrespective of our political views) to oppose his arrest. After all, next time it could be someone who isn\’t a poisonous evil bastard…

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Update: Dsquared in the comments makes the reasonable point that in general, making false accusations of paedophilia is treated by the police as a public order offence following the News of the World riots early this decade. Since Lionheart\’s blog is devoted to pretending that the main threat to our children is in being gang-raped by dark deviant brown-skinned Islamists, this sounds like a reasonable point… Lesson: defame whatever group you like online, but don\’t call them a bunch of nonces.

[*] There is a very strong similarity between the kind of \”they\’ll sell your children into sex slavery, murder them and make them into kebabs\” mythology that has become popular among BNP fringes lately, and the mythology spread about the Jews in 1800s and 1900s continental Europe. I\’m not saying the Muslims in modern Britain are in the same position – but I\’m definitely saying I\’d put a very large bet on knowing which political party Mr Lionheart would\’ve supported if he\’d been in Berlin in 1933…

[**] Mr Lionheart appears to believe that \”This charge if found guilty carries a lengthy prison sentence, more than what most paedophiles and rapists receive\”. The maximum sentence for incitement to racial hatred is seven years; the maximum sentence for rape (including sex with a child under 13) is life; the maximum sentence for sex with a child aged 13-15 is 14 years. This would appear to suggest that Mr Lionheart is a gibbering fuckwit; a conclusion hardly at odds with the rest of the evidence…

Bishop in \”is a fucking idiot\” shock

Where are these no-go areas for non-Muslims that the Bishop of Rochester is scaremongering about?

Answer: there are none in the UK, and anyone who says otherwise is a lying BNP twat.