…and the loons get loonier

Times hack Sam Coates has a reasonable and moderate piece on his blog, in which he points out that:

If the Electoral Commission\’s actions [regarding Peter Hain] result in a conviction, then [they\’ll] instantly become the heroes of the democratic system. But if the Commission\’s decision turns out to be wrong…

Check out the gibbering mentalists in the comments, who appear to equate the view that if Peter Hain is not guilty then it\’ll be a bit embarassing for the Electoral Commission to have ruined his career with the view \”I love Peter Hain, I\’m a member of the Labour Party and I want to have his babies\”.

[also, is commenter DK, who believes the blog post is puke-making Labour spin, the notorious DK? if so, then what the fuck is he playing at? Update: no, it isn\’t. Good.]

5 thoughts on “…and the loons get loonier

  1. if so, then what the fuck is he playing at?

    Assuming it’s the same guy, it’s the same shit he’s playing at when he looks at the recent massive hike in electricity prices and concludes it’s caused by the European Union, rather than the sheer stupidity of handing off electricity provision to private companies as a multi-billion pound bung.

    It’s ideology butting heads with reality, and sadly ideology has a far thicker skull.

  2. PDF says:

    Actually I reckon you’re both wrong on that – it’s because electricity costs more to make than it did before, because it’s mostly gas-generated and gas prices are higher than before.

    For 10 years, the private electricity companies in the UK provided some of the cheapest electricity you could get anywhere.

  3. Nope, that wasn’t me commenting. I always comment under the name “Devil’s Kitchen” and sign off as “DK”.

    Rodent, you rather misrepresent my argument. I was merely pointing out that part of the rise is because of the EU precept. I’m not entirely sure how you could dispute that, if the EU raises the amount of money that power companies must pay to subsidise “green” energy, that that will not have an effect on prices.

    However, because I am not a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I am well aware that there are many other factors at play. Such as higher raw material prices, as PDF correctly points out.

    However, it is also because I am not a Commie paranoid conspiracy loon (and because I understand how markets work), that I do not think that the energy companies, having been privitised for some decades, have suddenly got together and conspired to raise prices massively and just for the hell of it, at a point when customers are going to be less able to pay.

    Ideology butting heads with reality? A better example of that would be the people who were happy to pay way below the market price for water and power when the networks were state-owned, and then were massively surprised to find, when they were privitised, that successive governments hadn’t actually invested any money in the infrastructure and it was completely fucked.

    Oh, and Rodent? A multi-million pound bung to whom, precisely? The energy companies that didn’t exist?


  4. Larry Teabag says:

    I assume that in the context of this blog “reasonable” and “moderate” are intended as pejorative terms…

  5. Aha, I see my talent for starting snarky political pie-fights then forgetting all about them is as good as ever.

    I did misrepresent your argument, unfair of me. It would be fairer to say that you were pounding on the EU for levying pennies while failing to address the fat bastard with £350 of my hard-earned in his back pocket.

    Well, I’m not an ignoramus, so I’m aware of global energy prices.

    I’m also aware that I’ve just received a bill twice the size of last year’s equivalent, at the same time as my supplier has announced record profits. Now, I know that this is because share price is everything and the company is not about to absorb a hit out of sheer goodwill.

    I’d say I have a rough idea of how markets work myself, and my thinking goes a bit like this – I like to buy a bacon roll for breakfast most days, but if the price of said rolls was to treble, I’d stop buying them. If everybody else did too, then the price of bacon would drop.

    Point being, electricity isn’t a bacon roll. If I’m skint this month, I’m unlikely to say well, fuck it, I can do without electricity for a few weeks.

    Given the record of private enterprise for buying up public utilities worldwide then jacking up the price, it looks to me a bit like they’ve bent us all over an oil barrel and can charge whatever the hell they like. Which is fine, if you’re succesful, but a bit shit if you’re a seventy-five year old pensioner like my Gran.

    A multi-billion pound bung to whom, precisely

    The Tory form book suggests one of their already Croesus-rich pals, but I’m happy to be corrected. I’m sure they got a very good price for the nation’s energy network, and didn’t just flog it at a massive discount.

    Let me know if this is a Commie conspiracy theory, I’m prone to them on occasion…

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