Idle speculation, or a play in three parts

PSNI top brass: \”Fuck, some daft left-footer copper\’s been caught driving on the piss. Ah well, we\’ve got few enough Catholics as it is, we\’re already having to bus them in from Poland to try and meet targets; plus we were all drink-driving a few years back anyway and it never did anyone any harm; so let\’s keep her in. Pint at the lodge?\”

People who\’re outraged for a living: \”ooh, we\’re outraged! Blah blah disgrace blah blah road safety blah blah binge drinking teens blah blah swearing on TV… oh sorry, wrong rant…\”

The media: \”Are we going to mention she\’s a Catholic? Are we fuck…\”

I\’m not saying that\’s definitely what happened…

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