First they came for the despicable cunts…

Following medical advice, I\’ve stopped reading or attempting to argue with the knuckle-dragging baboons who make up the UK\’s extreme right. Therefore, I\’ve managed to avoid blogger Lionheart, who posts insane lying paranoid bollocks about Teh Evil Muslim Threat.

Unfortunately, Mr Lionheart has received word from the police that he is being investigated on suspicion of incitement to racial hatred, and should report to a cop shop forthwith to discuss matters with Inspector Knacker.

This is about as strong a test of freedom of speech principles as you can imagine… on the one hand, Mr Lionheart is a bitter, twisted and deranged man who spreads poisonous lies about a minority group [*] – and indeed, a man who thinks that Muslims ought to be locked up for hate speech against non-Muslims. On the other hand, the guy is writing crap on a blog, not addressing a public meeting of violent loonies.

Overall, much as it would be gratifying to see the cunt locked up for a good long time [**], it probably behoves those of us who aren\’t mad (irrespective of our political views) to oppose his arrest. After all, next time it could be someone who isn\’t a poisonous evil bastard…

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Update: Dsquared in the comments makes the reasonable point that in general, making false accusations of paedophilia is treated by the police as a public order offence following the News of the World riots early this decade. Since Lionheart\’s blog is devoted to pretending that the main threat to our children is in being gang-raped by dark deviant brown-skinned Islamists, this sounds like a reasonable point… Lesson: defame whatever group you like online, but don\’t call them a bunch of nonces.

[*] There is a very strong similarity between the kind of \”they\’ll sell your children into sex slavery, murder them and make them into kebabs\” mythology that has become popular among BNP fringes lately, and the mythology spread about the Jews in 1800s and 1900s continental Europe. I\’m not saying the Muslims in modern Britain are in the same position – but I\’m definitely saying I\’d put a very large bet on knowing which political party Mr Lionheart would\’ve supported if he\’d been in Berlin in 1933…

[**] Mr Lionheart appears to believe that \”This charge if found guilty carries a lengthy prison sentence, more than what most paedophiles and rapists receive\”. The maximum sentence for incitement to racial hatred is seven years; the maximum sentence for rape (including sex with a child under 13) is life; the maximum sentence for sex with a child aged 13-15 is 14 years. This would appear to suggest that Mr Lionheart is a gibbering fuckwit; a conclusion hardly at odds with the rest of the evidence…

30 thoughts on “First they came for the despicable cunts…

  1. dsquared says:

    As far as I can tell, ever since Rebekah Wade’s “Paediatrician Riots” of 200- whenever, the police seem to have taken the view that anyone making accusations of noncehood is prima facie to be treated as if they might be committing a public order offence.

  2. twat says:

    He isn’t talking about the ‘maximum’ you know nothing fucktard just what ‘most’ get

  3. Nice one, twat. Mind you, I did a quick search and came across these figures…

    …which say that the average custodial sentence is 84.4 months.

    Have fun with the calculator, now.

  4. PDF says:

    Cheers, Rodent. And the 84.4 months figure is actually an understatement, since it excludes life sentences…

    Oh, and in case anyone wanted to make the fair comparison, the longest sentence ever given in the UK for incitement to racial hatred is two years. Out of the 44 people convicted since 1987, 26 were jailed (20 for a year or less); the rest were given suspended or community sentences. The average sentence was 9.4 months, or about 11% of the average sentence given to a rapist.

    In general, people like Lionheart and Twat ought to read the sentencing guidelines before they shoot their mouths off about how lenient everyone is about everything. I’m 99% sure that they’d be surprised by how long the standard sentences are for sexual offences (not just guidelines – sentences which fall outside them can be and frequently are appealed by the crown as well as the defence).

  5. septicisle says:

    The most important distinction in my eyes, regardless of whatever the law says, is whether the person in question is inciting immediate violence against whoever. Lionheart, despite being a reactionary right-winger obsessed with Muslims and defaming them, does not appear to be doing so. He might be mad, but he doesn’t seem to be dangerous, which is the most important thing.

  6. Larry Teabag says:

    It’s amazing the number of internet comment-threads which can be summarized as “know-nothing fucktard defeats twat in argument”.

  7. PDF says:

    I don’t think Jane Birdwood was actively dangerous either, but she was successfully prosecuted for spreading the blood libel and other antisemitic propaganda. It’d be tricky to come up with a rationale to justify prosecuting one and not the other.

  8. Unfortunately both the kebab thing and the grooming (also here) are both based on extremely unusual but real cases, unlike the old Blood Libel and Protocols.

  9. Saying that I wouldn’t prosecute anybody for spreading the blood libel either.

  10. The Kusabi says:

    That some Muslim asians have used white girls as sex slaves is ‘mythology’, is it? Nope, actual fact, exposed for all the world to see –

    And you also refer to the Charlene Downes case, where the suspicion is that her body was used for meat in a shop owned by her suspected killer, as being mythology too. That suspicion being if I’m not mistaken something the police were actually investigating, are you telling us the police were taken in by ‘mythology’ too?

    Maybe you’re just behind the times, or maybe you really are a know-nothing clueless tool.

  11. PDF says:

    A: “A small number of Muslims have raped white girls”

    B: “Muslims rape white girls as a part of their culture”

    A: “A small number of Jews have murdered Christian children”

    B: “Jews murder Christian children as a part of their culture”

    Are you really too stupid to understand the difference between the A statements, which are true, and the B statements, which are incitement to racial hatred?

    (also, police in a murder case have to investigate any leads which come their way, however silly. They rejected the Sweeney Todd/Wilt story rather rapidly once they’d started investigating it, on the unsurprising grounds that it was utter nonsense. This hasn’t prevented BNP loons from spreading it as absolute truth, and indeed embellishing it into “The Muslims will make your daughter into their sex slave and then cut her up to make her into kebabs”. This is, let’s say, not an A statement.)

  12. PDF says:

    (that was aimed at Kusabi by the way. I’d make the same points at Chris, but more politely…)

  13. Batteries up Bulger's arse says:

    But the kebab story should be spread because the whole thing is fucking hilarious.

  14. The Kusabi says:

    ‘A: “A small number of Muslims have raped white girls”

    B: “Muslims rape white girls as a part of their culture”’

    The media seemed to have not reported on ‘A’ for absolutely ages because they thought mentioning ‘A’ was exactly the same as asserting ‘B’, certainly it’s the pinheaded response they had to anyone bringing it up in the first place, whether the BNP or the families of the girls involved or not, it was all ‘durrr you’re just inciting racial hatred!’

    I must have missed where the police dismissed the possibility of Downes’ body having been disposed of in the manner described, perhaps you could point me to the news story where you read this?

  15. PDF says:

    Of course the fucking media reported on the cases of Muslims raping white girls, they just didn’t do enough to please the bigoted fuckwitted likes of you by headlining the reports as “evil darkie hordes will rape your daughters unless you burn their houses down”.

    And as you know, nobody has been convicted of Downes’s murder – however the allegation made by the prosecution in the first trial (which ended with a hung jury) was that the defendants used equipment in the kebab shop to break down the body. They did not allege that the body was then disposed of by sale in kebab form to the unlucky punters: that was another BNP lie.

  16. KG says:

    In Sweden and Norway, by far the majority of rapes are committed by muslim youths and the victims are overwhelmingly white Swedish and Norwegian girls.
    Not a myth.

  17. Batteries up Batteries up Bulger's arse's arse says:

    Now hold on there PDF – don’t be too hasty with your whole A/B distinction.

    After all think what sort of delicious stuff you’d be able to conclude about BNP-supporters if the A->B inference was allowed stand!

  18. The Kusabi says:

    Are you reading from ‘blogging for dummies’ or something? Step 1 – use tired insult. Step 2 – make a retort.

    The media have not reported on the sexual abuse of impressionable young white girls by muslim pederasts to the extent it occurs, they’ve reported on ONE case (so far, which might change), they have not and likely will not report on the phenomenon to any great degree precisely due to the whole ‘oh, that will prove the BNP were right’.

    About BNP lies concerning the Downes case, you must think the BNP are convincing newspapers that they should include this ‘lie’ in their pages, do you?

    ‘Girl’s body found chopped in kebab’ –
    (or )

    Now, again, are you going to show me where you read that the police had dismissed the possibility that Downes’ body had been used for kebab meat, or can I safely conclude that you were trying to bullshit me?

  19. PDF says:

    1) you’re saying the media have only ever reported on one case of a Muslim man being prosecuted for having sex with an underage girl? that is the most transparently false, witless and retarded claim you’ve ever made, and you’ve made several.

    2) the prosecution didn’t claim it at the fucking trial, you idiot. this may be because they think the police are idiots; frankly who knows? And citing the Metro as a credible source of True News is right up there with citing ‘a bloke you met down the pub’.

    This is why I don’t argue with stupid BNP cunts; it’s like banging one’s head repeatedly against a brick wall, except that doing so only encourages the brick wall. I suppose the more time you spend arguing here the less time you spend Paki-bashing…

    Oh, and lolz @ BUBA #17. KG #16, do you have a cite for that or are you as moronic as your British counterparts?

  20. […] Yes, obviously Richard Littlejohn is a lying cunt; and as with the Moslemhass crew passim [*], I’d normally not even bother mentioning his drivellings. However, since he’s lying about my direct experience here, with reference to the silly bishop’s witless no-go-area ranting: […]

  21. tottenhamlad says:

    A quote from a Sunday Times article, September 30th 2007:

    “…As well as simple opportunism, pimping of white females by black and ethnic-minority men can be a type of revenge against whites. “My parents ran a grocery shop,” says Hussein, who admits to being part of the pimping gangs in the late 1990s. “They had hardly any money, even though they worked their backsides off. White people treated them like shit, like they were their servants.” Hussein says he took “great pleasure” in having young white girls at his beck and call, knowing their parents would be out of their minds with worry…”


  22. The Kusabi says:

    PDF said:-

    1) All I want to do is scream insults like ‘rargh false witless’, I don’t want to talk about how much the media’s ignored sexual abuse and pimping because I’m frightened it’ll make me look like shit.

    2) All I want to do is scream insults like ‘stupid BNP paki basher’, I wish he would go away with his asking about where the police dismissed that line of enquiry because I don’t know if they did or not, I just pulled that bit out of my arse.

  23. The Kusabi says:

    Calling PDF’s response to tottenhamlad’s post right now.

    ‘You stupid retarded BNP paki basher. You’re STOOPID for treating the Sunday times as a credible source. Fucking racist cunt.’

  24. Neil says:

    “knowing their parents would be out of their minds with worry…”

    Wheras most parents are delighted to find out their daughters are hanging around with the national front lot.

  25. dsquared says:

    I seem to remember that Mark Collett of the BNP had to make a formal apology to the party’s committee for trying to bring some 15 year old girls back to his hotel room at their last conference. It wasn’t reported much in the newspapers, because the BNP are a trivial joke story of no real interest to most readers.

    The Swedish crime statistics thing is true, as long as by “the vast majority”you mean “slightly more than half” and by “Muslim” you mean “immigrants or Swedish people with at least one immigrant parent”, according to the Swedish crime statistics body BRA which published a report in 2005.

  26. PDF says:

    @ Kusabi – first, sorry it took me til now to approve your first comment, I only just noticed you’d made two separate ones rather than submitting it twice after it didn’t show up. And no, I have no idea how my comment filter works or why it decided your comment needed moderating – AFAIK it’s set up to trap spam and not bigots.

    Re your 1: but it’s not false, is it? – the media hasn’t ignored it at all.
    Re your 2: did the prosecution claim it at the trial? no.

    And my response to Tottenham Lad is actually, cheers for showing that the mass media are happy to report on these events when they happen, but generally tries keep some kind of sanity and perspective while doing so.

  27. tom says:

    my lady likes get mounted by pig and dogs. who helps me to find a farmer with donkey, bull (long dick, not so thick)
    but squire much cum.

  28. Ron says:

    Other than their against it, (shock – horror), the “knuckle dragging right”, have very little input into the thorny subject of radical Islam.
    Tell me please, If this “paranoid bollocks” is nothing else than delusional “insanity”, why do the Saudi Arabians pour billions of petro dollars, into creating the foundations, of their strict Wahhabi strain of Islam through-out the Western world?. Why, where-ever Islam is the dominant force among other religions, is there never-ending, murder and violence in that country of origin?. Why do many Muslims in Britain separate them-selves from the rest of society choosing to live exclusively in their own cordoned off areas?.
    I lived and worked for a period in Oman, and they teach to their kids nothing else but; reciting the Quranic verses by heart, and strict, Wahhabi Islam!.
    Westerners are openly perceived as beneath them, simply because they do not “submit”-(the word Muslim means submit), to their religion.
    This subject isn’t gonna go away. Its slowly becoming the opposing Ideology to Capitalism.
    Mock me, and my fore-warnings if you will – but in Islamic countries, this is far more than a radical fringe. – on the topic of the B.N.P and the far right your spot-on. – On radical Islam your not!!!.

  29. Neil says:

    Since when has capitalism been an ideology?

  30. […] If you’re a BNP fuckwit, you may have been spending the last year or so spreading the myth that Muslim chaps kidnap white girls and turn them into kebabs. Indeed, you may have been doing so in the comments section of this blog, citing a leak from anonymous Blackpool police sources to the local paper about an ongoing criminal investigation as their ‘evidence’. […]

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