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Foxy baby yeah

We all know Fox News is evil and that it lies ceaselessly (my recent favourites include \”accidentally\” referring to Barrack Obama as \’Osama\’ and to Mark Foley as a Democrat). We also all know that the Commentisfree comments are full of illiterate gibbering nutcases of various different hues and ideologies.

However, \’Lafayette\’ has a very good point:

I find it particularly rich to see British folks holding up Fox News as the prime example for why American media is horrible. Murdoch\’s formula for Fox is a simple one: take a British red-top and put it on American television.

I\’d be interested to see a comparison in lies-per-fact between Fox and the Sun. I\’d even consider doing it myself, except that reading the Sun tends to make me overly keen to exterminate the white working class.

Perhaps the most apt thing he\’s ever said

Stephen at Unspeak makes a valiant attempt at translating George Bush\’s recent speech into English. The highlight:

\”We go forward with trust that the Author of Liberty will guide us through these trying hours.\”

Translation: God help us.

It\’s funny, and/or terrifying, because it\’s true.

Disappointing extra letter Os

On reading this story, as with various others, I found myself tragically disappointed.

If we had a real leader of the opposition, he\’d engage in mass polygamous weddings, iron girls\’ breasts and go to jail for gay libel just as well as the people of south-west Africa…

It\’s all about entertainment

Unless you\’re Tony Blair\’s bum-chum, then you obviously accept that the BBC was right in the whole Hutton scenario, and that any suggestion otherwise is a whitewash. One of the more proficient Whitehall whitewashes, but a whitewash nontheless.

It\’s been pointed out that when the government cheated and lied in order to stitch up the BBC, having bribed Lord Hutton, the supposed checks and balances went for slaughtering everyone concerned – and Greg Dyke also resigned.

Despite sharing responsibility for the far worse fuckup of, err, Iraq, Gordon Brown didn\’t. And unsurprisingly – if i were faced with that kind of \”yes, we\’ll go against the will of the British people, even though they\’re actually quite crazy-fascist in their own right\” – in order to support the stupid, reviled cunt who\’s bought himself into the Presidency – Mr Brown is now less popular than anyone… except for the only other candidates, Tony and John Reid.

What\’s the end point? I don\’t know. Given that David Cameron is the worst scumbag I\’ve ever heard of or encountered, on any level whatsoever, I\’m concerned. Given that Gordon Brown is the best chancellor of the exchequer that we\’ve ever had, I\’m slightly less concerned. But weirdly, daft righty cunts who ought to be grateful are far more annoyed by Mr Brown\’s impending leadership than people who, y\’know, are actually poor and who might welcome some kind of socialist, redistributionist person, which Mr Brown certainly isn\’t.

Spot the non-sequiturs

Some hippy:

\”Half the baby food market is organic. This isn\’t just posh people making lifestyle choices. It\’s about people being worried about the quality of the food they give their babies and worried about the use of pesticides and antibiotics.\”

Not Ruth-less enough

Neither the government, nor Ruth Kelly herself are handling her \”disabled child at private school situation\” well, either on a moral or a political level.

On a personal level, I respect Ms Kelly\’s decision to do what she feels is the best for her disabled son. However, this does not make it appropriate for her to send her child to an independent school while remaining the government minister for education – given that this proves beyond any doubt that she does not believe the system you are running is capable of providing her child with the education that he needs.

In any line of business, refusing to use your own product shows that you are happy to inflict it on others while being fully aware that it is poor. Being minister for education, as it is conventionally understood, involves not admitting that the education system is poor. On this basis, Ruth Kelly has no alternative but to resign, and anyone seeking to defend her on the basis that she\’s doing the best for her family in a hard situation should have the knee-jerk sympathy beaten out of them with an iron bar.

However, shifting the goalposts a little, there is one way in which Ms Kelly could keep her job: if she publicly admitted that the education system does not adequately provide for the parents of children disabled in whichever way her son is disabled; announced the steps that her department was going to take to address these flaws in the system; and announced a date when the system would be sufficiently fixed to regain her own personal confidence. Sadly, this involves concrete policies, personal responsibility and admission of culpability, and therefore will never happen.

Meanwhile, David Cameron is absolutely cleaning up – unlike me, he can profit massively from the situation while not even having to criticise Ms Kelly. \”We all have to make the decisions as parents first, not as politicians. Ruth Kelly is a parent first and foremost\”, he says, while the papers do the job of pointing out the context that Mr Cameron has a disabled child who attends a state school.

Mr Cameron is an ex-PR man, and therefore definitionally unscrupulous and untrustworthy. I think it would be pushing it to suggest that he had his child deliberately disabled for political advantage, however. Also, fuck, this bastard is going to win, isn\’t he?

Update: Tampon Teabag makes the above paragraph look inoffensive.

Odds malkins!

From A Word A Day:

malkin (MO-kin, MAL-kin) noun

1. An untidy woman; a slattern.

2. A scarecrow or a grotesque effigy.

3. A mop made of a bundle or rags fastened to a stick.

Which definition do you think is most accurate?

Blogger writes most stupid and untrue thing ever

Last night, I wrote the following sentence:

Mr [Prince] Naseem, who is not a useless, worthless, waste of space

Even given the quantities of beer, wine and amyl nitrite that I\’d consumed before going online, this is the most shamefully inaccurate thing I\’ve ever said. Consequently, I\’ve committed ritual suicide as a penance and will do any further blogging from beyond the grave.

For the record, of course Prince Naseem is a worthless cunt; sending him to jail was the right thing to do; the people he crashed into are irritating whiners (if someone who harms you gets sent to jail, you should be fucking gracious about the fact that – entirely because of what the person did to you – he is having his life destroyed, because that is what happens to people when they are sent to jail); and stripping him of his MBE is pathetic.

You lame bunch of losers

This is all your fucking fault:

We are sorry to have to inform you that the pledge to which you signed up did not meet its target in the required time. It required 3,000,000 people, but achieved only 662.

The pledge, created by Stef, read: \’I will refuse to register for an ID card but only if 3,000,000 people will sign up.\’

This means you don\’t have to do your part of the pledge. Instead, why not sign up to local alerts at to find out when someone creates a new pledge near you, browse the pledges at or perhaps make your own pledge.

Yes, of course I was one of the 662. And you?

It\’s not difficult when I go away

Luckily, there are idiots willing to admit their own idiocy wherever I go.

Today\’s preferred idiot is Clare Burgin, whose husband was run over and slightly hurt by Prince Naseem, who is a slightly rubbish English boxer.

Because our courts are deranged, manaical, and don\’t understand the difference between some poor sod who fucked up and some evil cunt who needs killed, Mr Naseem actually spent some time in jail for his bad luck (whereas if someone beat the shit out of you with an iron bar because they were a mental chav, they\’d probably get off with probation).

Anyway. Anthony Burgin has come out of the whole situation without any serious harm. Mr Naseem has spent quarter of a year in jail. Mr Birgin\’s wife, being a deranged mentalist bitch who deserves topping, thinks that the person who\’s done badly out of this situation is Mr Burgin. She and he can fuck off; the only reason it\’s disappointing they didn\’t both die in the accident that marginally harmed Mr Burgin is because that way Mr Naseem, who is not a useless, worthless, waste of space, unlike the Burgin family, who are, would have had to spend even longer in jail.

And for hilarious comedy value, the mad cunts who run our honours system have stripped Mr Naseem of his MBE. Yes, Jeffrey Archer doesn\’t get his Lordship removed for lying to the Old Bailey, but Prince Nassem gets a half-arsed bullshit honour removed for running over a daft cunt.

Update: this post is utter bollocks – see here.