Bricking it #1

A perusal of my unread emails highlights this memetag from the Devil of people I\’d like to smash in the face with a brick. So, without further ado:

10) Anyone who uses the word \’memetag\’

9) David Cameron

8) Anyone who stands near the front at a gig/rave/show and gets pissed off when jumping people collide with them. Join in or fuck off to the back…

7) Martin Amis. Note that while I may have the urge – don\’t you have it too? – to hit Martin Amis with a brick, I\’m merely adumbrating this desire rather than saying it

6) Somebody cleverer, more attractive and funnier than me (has to be all three, obviously), randomly selected from that reasonably large pool. Yes, that\’s petty jealousy: I\’m not a very nice person

Numbers 5-1 will follow at a later date. I bet you\’re on the edge of your seat…

5 thoughts on “Bricking it #1

  1. Falco says:

    Why are you so against Cameron? He hasn’t had the chance to really piss you off yet.

  2. “I’m not a very nice person”

    ‘Nuff said, methinks! (You’d have to be a person first.)

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