Obligatory Teddygate post

Aqoul has a good take on the Sudan Mohammed-teddy story, looking at the wider political background driving the apparent (and indeed, actual) lunacy.

Commenter Abu Sinan has an even better point, that I\’d vaguely wondered about before but not explored because I\’d assumed I was just being ignorant about Islam:

Some Muslims \”veneration\” for the Prophet Mohammed is way over the top. They almost worship him in the manner that Christians worship Jesus. Mohammed is not God, but from the way some Muslims act about him, you\’d be hard pressed to know it.

I had asked before what would have happened if a bear was named Issa or Musa, would the idiots have had an issue then? Seeing that the \”Muslim\” bear in the link is named \”Adam\”, the first Prophet, then it seems, once against Mohammed is being held to a higher standard than other Prophets.

Either it is blasphemy for all Prophets, or for non..

The way they treat Mohammed borders on shirk [idolatry/heresy], not to mention it makes them look like eejits.

Ditto the cartoon scandal. The only positions you can take under which it\’s blasphemous to draw cartoons of Mohammed are that either it\’s blasphemous to draw cartoons of anyone made by your god, or that Mohammed is your god. So assuming you\’re not a shirker [lolz], you\’re stuck with either jihad against all comics ever, or a nice cup of shut-the-fuck-up.

I guess it\’s not that surprising that head-chopping self-exploding nutjobs know even less about their own religion than sarcastic atheist cunts on the Internet, but still…

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