Dying v bad, being pissed on mildly annoying

Everyone\’s getting distinctly het-up about the daft little chav who pissed on a dying spazzer. And indeed, Anthony Anderson and his mates don\’t sound like especially nice people.

But three years in jail and universal vilification? For fuck\’s sake, it\’s not as if they\’d actually done any harm to anybody: the woman he pissed on was already, unsaveably, terminally, snuffing it.

I don\’t know about you, but if I were in the final stages of dying, I\’d be very grumpy about being in the final stages of dying. The fact that some cunt was having a wee on me at the same time would be pretty fucking negligible compared to MY OWN IMMINENT DEATH – indeed, I\’d go as far as to say that it\’d be unlikely to even register on my list of concerns…

3 thoughts on “Dying v bad, being pissed on mildly annoying

  1. Justin says:

    Exactly. People get all uppity when you laugh at people’s memorable deaths and I never understood why. Who wants to go out screaming their last in a cancer ward when you could be shagged to death by a camel or stung to buggery by a sting ray or pissed on in the street by a dickhead.

    Who says, ‘wow, lying neglected in your own shit, *that’s* how I want to go’? Via the offices of a killer bee-enraged kodiak bear is how I want to shuffle off.

  2. Jim Bliss says:

    Well the prison sentence is pretty outrageous alright, but the universal vilification is completely understandable. Like it or not, the actions of the little scumbag demonstrate not merely that he’s not an “especially nice” person, but that he’s completely lacking in empathy and human compassion.

    People like him deserve all the vilification they get, up to and including being pissed on by everyone who discovers him in a prone and helpless position for the rest of his miserable life.

    Assuming — like most of us — I’m eventually struck down by some long and drawn out terminal disease, I plan to rent the most expensive car available (something red and penis-like that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds), consume heroic quantities of recreational drugs, and drive the thing over a cliff while guitars scream loudly from the sound-system.

  3. Codshead says:

    Being an ex-soldier he will have had first aid training, including treatment of shock which advises giving warmth.

    Nothing better on a cold day than nice warm piss to overcome a chill.

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