More stupid cuntery from the Libertoonians

What\’s a \’real job\’? According to this bizarre attack on the Cabinet\’s \”lack of real-world experience\”, the following jobs aren\’t:

  • University lecturer
  • Journalist
  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Political analyst
  • Teacher
  • Economist
  • Head of strategic planning
  • Trade union leader
  • PR consultant
  • Social worker

I mean, what the fuck? How are these jobs any less \’real\’ than the IT consulting jobs that most right-libertoonians [*] seem to have? Would we really be better off with fewer teachers and more cunting web designers? Or is this some kind of macho fantasy-land, where self-hating web-monkeys imagine a world where we\’re ruled by brave manly soldiers, shipbuilders and mechanics…?

From the same piece, these two quotes are brilliantly mad:

\”Not only is a he a fully paid up member of the Lawyer Enemy Class, he\’s had ten years of being part of the European Union Borg Mind.\”
\”UN Transnazi anti-American wanker\”.

Jesus. The EU\’s merits are debatable (and there\’s a lot of internal and external debate on them, which makes the \’borg mind\’ quip more than a little bizarre…). But EU aside, how much of a crazy-arsed jaded cunt do you have to be to believe that defending people\’s civil rights, or attempting [with varied levels of success from conflict to conflict] to broker non-military solutions to the world\’s problems, are bad things?

[*] out of right-libertoonians who\’ve mentioned their jobs online, I can\’t remember any who aren\’t IT consultants, and I can think of several who are. If you know any right-libertoonians whose jobs are unequivocally more useful than any mentioned above, please post it in the comments.

20 thoughts on “More stupid cuntery from the Libertoonians

  1. EvilEuropean says:

    Ahhh, someone with the same pathological hatred of libertarians!!!!

    Hmm, EU ‘borg mind’….I can see how an organisation with 27 member states speaking dozens and dozens of langauges, a wide range of cultures etc comes across just like the borg…..and that libertarians are unborg like in the fact that they drone on and on about the same shit endlessly.
    If anything is borg like its libertarian thniking ‘if you dont think like us your a commie-nazi’, ‘tax is theft’, ‘i am a self-made man’ (if you ignore the trust fund) blah blah fucking blah.

    The only other jobs that I have come across for liberatians is working in libertarian think-tanks, or 3D graphic desingers….that and tossers.

    I guess the good thing is that they dont breed…who would want to mate with these tossers (they are almost always men)

  2. Jim Bliss says:

    His implication that public sector jobs aren’t “real” (or at least, aren’t as real as private secor ones) is what makes him a full-blown idiot rather than merely a blinkered dogmatist.

    Presumably nobody in Cuba is doing a real job. And the idea that a nurse double-shifting on an NHS cancer ward isn’t undertaking “real” work is a clear indication that John Trenchard (a pseudonym borrowed from a journalist and pamphleteer who inherited all his money) is not, himself, living in the “real” world.

  3. PDF says:

    Indeed – there’s some validity to the point that too many MPs (especially in the shadow cabinet and the junior ranks of government – the cabinet actually has quite a good record of real jobs) are career politicians without much life experience elsewhere.

    But suggesting that someone who used to be a teacher or lecturer is someone with insufficient life experience is just bizarre, given that they’re jobs that involve enormous amounts of interaction with people of different abilities and backgrounds.

    A million quid says that as an ex-teacher, Jacqui Smith has far more life experience in any meaningful sense than ‘John Trenchard’ (I also wonder if he’d similarly slate Liam Fox for taking the public shilling as a doctor, or whether his contempt is reserved for those with ‘girly’ jobs…)

  4. dsquared says:

    Famously, Cameron’s only job ever outside politics was doing PR for Urbis plc (and he was generally regarded by City types as being toward the slimier and weasellier end of that esteemed profession at the time) and Osbourne has quite literally never had a job outside politics.

    Of the Eurosceptic heroes, Hague was a management consultant (not obviously a “proper” job), Howard was a lawyer (I can’t remember if his QC was earned or honorary), while the redoubtable Bill Cash combined the dual careers of an own-account solicitor and that of inheriting a fuckload of cash from his family nametag business. Oh hang on, I forgot Ian Duncan Smith (I doubt I’m the first to have ever typed those words). He was in the Army and worked for GE, which is quite “proper”, although frankly that is hardly a recommendation for properism.

  5. PDF says:

    Cameron was head of PR at Carlton (now bought by Granada and turned into ITV); only ever a non-exec at Urbium. But that doesn’t really change your point.

    Hague also worked for Shell, which is reasonably Proper Job-ish I reckon. Then again, Hague wasn’t a clueless fucktard, unlike IDS, MH and DC…

  6. Neil says:

    Funnily enough, there used to be lots of rough tough rugged men in this country doing real, rugged, backbreaking hard work with pnuematic drills, until the liberloon’s classically-liberal heroine gave them the opportunity to re-train as checkout operatives.

  7. Falco says:

    Not all Libertarians are loonies and for the benefit of such luminaries as, (I presume), Neil “more libertarian than thou” Harding I shall attempt to show what the main thrust of this was about.

    It is not that many public sector jobs are less real, though libertarians will tend to draw a distinction between Doctor/Policeman/Nurse etc. and the kind of shit in the Grauniad jobs section. The major issue is that if the vast majority of our politicians come from a public sector background there are two unfortunate effects. Firstly they will have little understanding of the reality of the job market in the private sector and secondly they will tend to assume that problems are better fixed by the public sector and will expand it well beyond its competence.

    The public sector is too big, too expensive and too crap. Politicians with more private sector experience might be able to see this more clearly.

    P.S. Neil, I agree that the shutting down of the mines was handled very badly but it did have to happen. Unless you were thinking of taking on the cost of the miners subsidy all on your todd.

  8. Tim Worstall says:

    As a libertoonian might I mention that I have actually had a “real job” or two? I wasn’t very good at many of them, for sure, for example I sucked big time as a stockbroker. Slightly more successful were the companies I started and ran: a telemarketing one (business to business, none of this flogging double glazing thank you very much), distributing newspapers in Russia and the current day job, running the international scandium oligopoly. There was a decade or so of waiting table and bartending in there as well (several gap years and then through Uni).
    Do those count as “real jobs”?

  9. Matt W says:

    Taking your point that Trenchard over-egged his pudding, I don’t see wealth creators on that list – nor do I see anyone who would have had to grapple at the sharp end of Brown’s business “reforms” introduced over protests from those who would be affected by them (thinking for example of the compulsory pension schemes that had such minimal take up).

    If there were people there with small/medium business experience the bad changes would have been torpedoed at the start, and time that has to be spent on pointless paperwork would not have ballooned as has happened. Ask any small business owner to compare 2007 with 1995.

  10. Peter Risdon says:

    It’s probably that IT gives right-libertarians scope to work independently, and this suits their personalities. It’s also probably reasonable to suggest that people who work in, or rely for their income from, the public sector can’t be relied on to feel that public sector efficiency is a priority. But you have a point.

  11. I used to have a “real job”, managing a bar and tending to the whims of a pack of ponytailed IT consultant fucks who wouldn’t think of the word TIP if someone tattooed it on their business-lunching bell-ends.

    I soon got tired of chasing after a hooting pack of Amex-waving twats and got myself a nice job suckling at the public teat in the civil service, and have since enjoyed spunking tens of thousands of pounds of your hard-earned taxes up the wall.

    But worse than that, I’m also Scottish, meaning I now belong to a Caledonian elite that spends its days dreaming up new ways to fleece you and fritter away your cash on ASBO-wielding single mothers and benefit-scrounging terrorists.

    Even now, I’m wracking my brains for new ways in which to repay those braying IT twats – I’m thinking of taking up environmentalism and signing you all up for Polly Toynbee spam emails.

  12. “Taking your point that Trenchard over-egged his pudding,”

    indeed i am. to make a point. Why exactly is a lawyer in charge of the Treasury? And guess who has a MASTERS degree in Economics. Ruth Kelly. And yet she’s in transport.

    I’m in the middle of doing a Tory shadow cabinet “non job” posting as well. There’s some right corkers in that one. For starters – Osborne. Has he got any economics qualifications? Nah. Not a fucking jot. He graduated in Modern History and has been a policy wonk all his fucking life. Total 100 per cent “Non jobber”.

    Start having a cold hard look at what the political class is serving up to you, the voter, rather than attacking the messenger.

    And Malloch-Brown IS a UN Transnazi Anti-American wanker – when has he ever been elected to office? Where does his fucking mandate come from?

  13. oh and the EU “borg mind” quip is meant in jest, but with a serious overtone. Look up Common Purpose and Julia Middleton on

    nice little gravy train going on there.

  14. PDF says:

    it’s the use of “transnazi” that marks you out as stark raving bloody mad – MMB is at absolute worst a bureaucrat, not a fucking genocidal fascist…

  15. Falco says:

    “transnazi” brings some very odd fetishes to mind. Or maybe that’s just me.

  16. Alex says:

    Hey, I’m in IT consulting and I’m politically identical to Denis Healey.

    If you think economics is irrelevant to the transport portfolio, you must have a mind like a pile of wet, greenish bricks. Frankly, the recent politicians with the most “real-world experience” in this sense were ship’s steward John Prescott, Andersen consultant Patricia Hewitt, postie Alan Johnson, investment-bank economist Vince Cable, Royal Marine officer Paddy Ashdown; but essentially all of these are anathema to the right. Prescott because he has a Yorkshire accent; Hewitt because, well, something (probably connected with her ownership of two X chromosomes); Johnson due to his proper job; Cable because he ought to be a Tory but isn’t; and Ashdown because, well, he was in the SBS, got away with cheating on his wife, and is still generally respected.

  17. Neil says:

    I’m also an IT consultant and I fear the day I’m forced to get a real job. And do they really want people who think in terms of SQL queries running things? That’d just be fucked up, in a very real and Stalinist sense.

  18. Paul says:

    When that day comes that you will be asked to search for a real job…then maybe this link would come in handy…

  19. Neil says:

    Fuck, that’s some creepy targeted spam.

  20. Seb says:

    Well Neil, Falco and chums – here is my tuppence.

    Given that most of the front bench of the Tory party is made up of Oxbridge graduates, it is a bit funny that most of these top hat wearers don’t want “proper jobs” at all. Guess where there top choice is? Yes … government. Look:

    A whopping 17% percent of them want to swap their robes and head off down to Whitehall. Mind you, if Cameron came from Media like you say – he can join the club. Media comes a close second in terms of desirability.

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