In which society takes another step back to the Dark Ages

So we lock up more children than more or less anywhere else civilised (note: for crime-\’n\’-punishment purposes, the US does not count as civilised). But apparently that isn\’t good enough – we also need to hit them with big sticks.

The most appalling thing of all is that this is being proposed in the name of saving prison officers from injury. Bollocks to that. Prison officers are, without exception, despicable evil stupid cunts, just as bad as the people they look after, so I have not even the slightest academic interest in their welfare.
Anyway, if they can\’t deal with unruly children without provoking assault, then they thoroughly deserve all the \”broken noses, compressed fractures of cheekbones, fractured eye sockets, ears being bitten off, pens being shoved through people\’s faces, [and] slashes\” they get.

One thought on “In which society takes another step back to the Dark Ages

  1. Eden says:

    What the stupid bastards need to do is try and get inside the heads of these kids, not batter the fuck out of them, these kids have serious problems ( that very often come from a home of upheaval), that need to be sorted, the lock up , and beat the fuck out of them will achieve absolutely nothing, typical British justice, trying to be all human rights, to the general public , while actually adopting a dictatorship policy, don’t call Saudi Arabia up in holes, when they abuse human rights.

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