If you were looking for a definition of \’self-righteous, self-justifying cunts\’…

Bystander, the blogging magistrate, has rightly mocked a pro-speeding website\’s insane reaction to losing in the ECHR (summary: if your car\’s caught speeding, you have to say who was driving or why you don\’t know who was driving, otherwise you\’re considered liable for the fine and points. Loonies believe this is an Evil Violation of Human Rights, despite generally supporting the internment and execution of brown chaps).

The sheer level of affronted cuntery that this has met in his comments section is highly entertaining.

Look, you badly-driving bastards (it doesn\’t matter whether the speed limit is appropriate to the road, if you\’re not capable of driving within it because it\’s the law then you shouldn\’t be allowed behind the wheel), you do more fucking harm per year than the fucking terrorists by several orders of magnitude, and are treated with fucking kid gloves [*]. Take your points and be grateful for them, cuntwits.

[*] unless you\’re unlucky enough to actually kill someone while driving badly, at which point you become an Evil Bastard and go to jail forever despite having no more culpability than every other badly-driving cunt on the road

2 thoughts on “If you were looking for a definition of \’self-righteous, self-justifying cunts\’…

  1. Do you believe that we should always obey all laws at all times whether you agree with them or not? If so, good on you – but that would make you an idiot, surely?


  2. PDF says:

    Obviously not – but nonetheless anyone who gets points on their licence from driving too fast demonstrates *inherently* that they’re either not paying attention to their speed, not paying attention to their surroundings, or don’t care whether or not they get caught. None of these three are traits that would be desirable in someone in charge of a tonne of moving metal in a public place…

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