Burn Luis Medina Cantalejo alive

Yes, it\’s only the second most important form of football; yes, England played badly while Russia played surprisingly well; and yes, if Israel beats Russia then we\’re not necessarily out of the contest (the latter would also be quite funny).

Nonetheless, the game was actually a draw; the penalty was not a penalty; Luis Medina Cantalejo is a despicable cunt and if someone were to burn him alive shortly after raping his wife and eviscerating his children in front of him, that would be fair enough. Fucking cheating Spic bastard; I wonder how much the assorted Russian oligarchs bribed him?
(also, anyone who blames Rooney deserves glassed. It was unequivocally not a fucking penalty; it wasn\’t really even a foul…)

4 thoughts on “Burn Luis Medina Cantalejo alive

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    Bollocks! Not only was it a penalty, but Rooney should have been red-carded being the last defender between the attacker and the goal. Anyone who thinks otherwise should have molten lead poured over their genitals.

    Deal with it.

    Here in Ireland we’re planning a public lynching of Steve Staunton. If you like, we can throw an extra rope over the bridge and dangle McClaren too?

  2. Spazmo says:


    And you’re going to lose the rugby to an AIDS epidemic with a flag.

  3. Dear lord, Spazmo. You’ve made me feel terribly guilty for laughing out loud at that!

  4. […] Yes, Stuart Dickinson is an embittered, cheating lying Aussie cunt who should be burned on the same pyre as Luis Medina Cantalejo, and rugby refereeing chief Paddy O’Brien should be sacked on the spot for giving the despicable bastard his support. […]

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