Things I missed

One of the most shit excuses I\’ve ever heard for not updating a blog is that the blogger\’s flatmates brother is currently squatting in the blogger-in-question\’s computer room. But fuck you all, it\’s true. Both directly, and by impairing my porn consumption and hence diminishing my anger.

Craig Murray\’s Dundee University rectorship speech is excellent, especially \”Jack Straw, incidentally, is a man who should have \’Rubbish\’ shouted at him from the moment he steps out of the shower in the morning until the moment he retires with his evening cocoa\”. And the case where a court ruled that only someone of unsound mind would consider donating money to the Tories was, if anything, even better.

2 thoughts on “Things I missed

  1. Falco says:

    Impairing your porn consumption has “diminished” your anger?

    Do you watch porn that you don’t like just to wind yourself up?

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