If only he were mute

Why the fuck is what David Blunkett thinks about anything news? Rentaquote gobshite; I hope he drowns while a crowd of plastic coppers watches and cheers (incidentally, the CSOs did absolutely the right thing in the case discussed here: they couldn\’t see where they body was, so there wasn\’t much point in going on a pointless and potentially fatal wild goose chase).

I was going to lighten the mood a bit with a link to the bible retold in lolcatz style, but the site appears to be buggered. Ah well, misanthropy and misery it is then…

3 thoughts on “If only he were mute

  1. Blunkett knows fuck-all anyway – every time I saw him on TV when he was boss at the Home Office he was out walking his dog.

    The workshy slacker deserves no mercy.

  2. Dr Dan H. says:

    The thing you have to understand about Blunkett is that he’s blind, and he has never been able to see. He simply does not, can not understand what vision is all about, as evidenced by witterings about using CCTV in the countryside to catch foxhunts in action.

    The man lives in a completely different perceptual world to that which we do, through not having vision, which explains these sorts of witterings.

    The rest of his stupidity is caused merely by a lack of intelligence.

  3. Neil says:

    Yet Kimberly Quinn was, it has to be said, a bit of a looker. How does that work, then? Is it something they train the dog to recognise?

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