Doctoring standards: officially slipping

Doctors have an age-old tradition of moonlighting as murderers, from Crippen through to Shipman. However, they also have a vague reputation for not being thick-as-pigshit fuckwits.

Which brings us to anonymous blogging medic Dr Rant. For those of you who\’ve been on Mars for the last six months, god-bothering doctors Kate and Gerry McCann went on holiday in Portugal and murdered their child abandoned their child to be murdered were the cruel victims of Evil Child Abductors and Sinister Foreign Policemen. Unsurprisingly, this has become something of a news story.

Telegraph journalist Ben Ehrman, enterprisingly, signed up on Friends Reunited in Kate McCann\’s school and medical school years, in the hope of getting in touch with some contemporaries who were willing to give him quotes and/or stories about Ms McCann. He contacted some of these contemporaries by email – in the first line of which he explained that he was working as a journalist for the Telegraph.

Dr Rant seems to think that this is in some way bad, rather than a sensible way of pursuing a legitimate public interest story that misled nobody and invaded nobody\’s privacy. This makes Dr Rant a moronic fucktard and disgrace to his profession, who should probably be forced to swap places with a nurse in a care home wiping up old people\’s shit for all eternity.

6 thoughts on “Doctoring standards: officially slipping

  1. Neil says:

    I’m getting pretty sick of being told, and seeing other people being told, that I am not allowed to think, talk or even go near this story with a ten foot, shitty bargepole. If I had a penny for every time some numpty has trotted out the “oooh you can’t say that remember it’s innocent until proven guilty!” line… As though my opinion makes any fucking difference whatsoever to whether they’re guilty or not.

    But yeah, I’d better fall back on the approved version of events before I get into trouble: I think they are innocent and we should leave them alone and not ask any questions because the Portugese Police (in fact, all Portugeses) are a bunch of greasy dagoes. And probably cannibalistic paedophiles. Will that do, Mr Innocent-Until-Proven-Guilty Sir?

  2. stanislav,a young plumber from Cracow says:

    No, it won’t. War on Portugal, that’s the only remedy. And cuntfaced pharmaceuticals salesman, Brother Righteous John McCunt should be put in charge of Interpol. And fuckwit teachercunt fishwife sister Philo mcCunt should be in charge of UNICEF and Kate and Gerry be put in a Cabinet of all the talents by snot-eating McCannite Gay Gordon McBroon. Make Gerry McCunt minister for child welfare and make the Mrs minister for running issues. And anyone who questions John ‘n’ Yoko McCunts’ bizarre, surreal version of events should be damned for a sick weirdo, child-molesting, internet creep in the pay of incompetent and corrupt Portugeezers determined to frame two fine british doctors. One of them a drugged-up scouse headbanger and the other a smarmy Glasgow git in love with his own ghastly voice. Kate and Gerry McCann, what a pair of cunts. There. Everyone should say it out loud. And feel much better. One-two-three, Kate and Gerry McCann are a pair of cunts. Kate and Gerry McCann’s family are all cunts. Kate and Gerry McCann’s friends are all complete and utter fucking cunts. Richard and Judy Wotsit, Alison Pearson, Melanie Phillips, India Knight and the rest of the stupid cocksuckers in the McCann media circus are all cunts. Stupid cunts.

    Richard Branson is a complete cunt, too, but everybody knows that, even Branson himself.

    Remember stupid readers, should your child “be abducted” first thing is phone Philo McCunt in Ullapool, Scotland, organise a fund for your own expenses, recruit a top-notch PR team, retain a couple of ruinously expensive lawyers and then and only then, notify cops of “abduction.” Oh yes, don’t forget to have a dozen drunks rampage over the crime scene before the cops arrive. This is perfectly normal behaviour after your child is “abducted.” First things first, PR team, expenses fund, lawyers and then the cops. Innocent until proven guilty. Cunts.

  3. michelle says:

    oh my god you sir have serious physcolocial problems.
    Surely what matters here that a little 4yr old girl is missing.
    I for one minute do not condone the mccann’s leaving there children on there ow nhowever who can say that they have never done something they regret.
    Also i do not beleive that they have anything to do with maddies dissaperance , the facts are clear to me.
    The pourtugese police have made a complete balls up of this case from day one and they know it.
    They are just trying to pinpoint the blame and where better than at the parents.
    I think that the pourtugese police also need to take another look at robert murat then they might finally get somewhere.
    I for one still think that little maddie is still alive and i hope that she is found soon.
    Kate and gerry keep your heads held high you will be re united with your little angel soon
    michelle weston super mare

  4. djcjd says:

    agreed, had always thought that pdf had some kind of physociolocomotional problems

  5. Snagglepuss says:

    I totally agree with Michelle !

  6. Snagglepuss says:

    I totally agree with Michelle !

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