Poles: awesome; the Daily Express: liars

The Daily Express are an evil bunch of cunts. They say:

Around 112,000 [Eastern European] migrants who came to Britain to work are now claiming state handouts – the equivalent of one in six of those who have headed here since the EU expanded

However, this is grossly misleading.

That includes some 68,927 receiving child benefit of up to £17.45 a week and 38,578 in receipt of tax credits that range between £1,365 and £5,300-a-year. There are also 3,600 claiming job-seeker’s allowance, income support or pension credit and another 803 approved for local authority housing assistance.

In other words, 3,600, or one in 180, of the Eastern European migrants who\’ve come to Britain – including pensioners – are claiming benefits rather than financially contributing to society. The others are working full-time; some of these are being let off some of their tax payments and others of these are receiving small sums to help them raise the children who they are working to support.

Somewhat better than the natives, no?

One thought on “Poles: awesome; the Daily Express: liars

  1. larry Teabag says:

    I thought tax breaks were generally perceived as being distinct from “benefits”, as in:

    That’s MY money, and greedy fucking statist bastards can keep their thieving mitts off. What, am I now expected to say “thank you” and lick their fascist boots when they magnanimously allow me to keep a bit of my own hard-earned fucking cash? Fucking cunty cunting cunt-holes.

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