Gotta get a rise

Oh come on – seven years in jail for a bit of macho boy-racing that went wrong?

Look, it is both clear to anyone who\’s ever observed senile driving that nobody aged over 65 is capable of driving safely, and clear from earlier press reports that the car driven by a 78-year-old pulled out in front of the boy racer\’s – in other words, the three biddies who snuffed it in this case died of their own shit driving, and the fact that there was a bit of a drive-off going on behind them was immaterial.

It\’s also noticeable that once again, some daft sod has made up a \’100mph\’ reference because the cars were going quite fast and he wants it to sound impressive – and despite the fact that there is no evidence that anyone was driving above 55, that\’s become the press tagline for the story.

But never mind that – SPEED KILLS, not driving like a daft old cunt, and we\’ve got to make an example of people who dare have fun, especially if they do so in an EVIL fast car.

[side note: I\’m entirely in favour of public transport over driving as a sensible means of transport for congestion and environmental reasons, but appreciate the fact that driving good cars fast can be fucking fun. In an ideal world, the minimum speed limit would be 85, driving would only be legal for fun purposes rather than pragmatic ones, and daft old sods who can only afford a shitty Proton that they can\’t see well enough to drive would be a) banned and b) taxed off the road anyway]

One thought on “Gotta get a rise

  1. 01-811-8055 says:

    No! Don’t ban them, they’re pure comedy!

    Seriously, only last night I watched an old dear leave the pub (one or more large glasses of red worse for wear, I may add) and attempt to turn her car around in a road only about ten feet wide. With a wall on the far side. Between the parked cars. When she could have simply driven 200 yards round the block. She got there after about two dozen shunts and as many scrapes to the front bumper.

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