Utter, utter bastards

Whichever cunt at the Home Office made this decision should be sacked, and/or hanged:

Two senior prison officers, including the deputy governor of Ford open prison in West Sussex, were banned from expressing any opinion on the rehabilitation of 26-year-old Learco Chindamo, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the west London headmaster in 1995

In other words, because it was clear to everyone working with him in the prison system that Mr Chindamo no longer represented a threat to society, the Home Office banned these people from speaking at the hearing to determine whether he represented a threat to society – in the hope that the hearing would come to the false conclusion that he *did* still represent a threat.

Rather than making decisions based on facts, truth or justice, the decision was based on not wanting some daft bint to squeal to the tabloids about her \’human right\’ to have the poor sod banged up forever had been infringed…

One thought on “Utter, utter bastards

  1. The handling of this entire case has been atrocious from start to finish. I don’t know why the government doesn’t let Ms Lawrence chair the hearing and be done with it.

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