Tory AM in \’total and utter lie\’ shock

Conservative London Assembly Member Angie Bray has an article on Commentisfree. As one might expect, it\’s a piece of Ken-bashery. As one might not entirely expect, one of its key bases is an appalling, total and utter lie:

Have you ever seen the Venezuelan electoral register? It looks innocent enough at first, with columns for your name, address and polling number. But then it suddenly turns slightly menacing: a long line of columns records every ballot you have ever cast. One of the fundamental tenets of democracy, which guarantees freedom from persecution, is the secret ballot. Yet this is unheard of in Chavez\’s Venezuela. This means that if you haven\’t voted for el presidente, you don\’t get access to vital poverty relief schemes

An appalling outrage; I can\’t believe our mayor is fraternising with such a stealth-dictator. Except that, err, he isn\’t. Venezuelan elections are held on an entirely secret ballot basis [pdf].

Another, err, not entirely true fact from Ms Bray is:

The Conservative group invited along one of the many dissident groups in the country whose members have had to flee abroad since he took office. Of course, Ken banned them from the building.

Actually, the only person they banned was terrorism advocate Aleksander Boyd.

In short, if you support terrorism and lies, vote Boris!

4 thoughts on “Tory AM in \’total and utter lie\’ shock

  1. Al says:

    That is the only reason I’m voting for him.

  2. Ten reasons to vote for Boris:

    1) He describes black people as ‘picaninnies’.
    2) He once conspired in the assault of a journalist.
    3) He wants to axe much of our anti-racism legislation.
    4) He described modern South Africa as ‘the tyranny of black rule’.
    5) He was against the Kyoto agreement.
    6) He is against the minimum wage.
    7) He is against the ban on smoking in public.
    8) He equates homosexuality to zoophilia.
    9) He describes Africans as having ‘watermelon smiles’.
    10) Does anyone remember the whole Liverpool thing?

    Yes, that’s Boris “Voice of reason” Johnson.

  3. 7) He is against the ban on smoking in public.

    He’s got my vote! Abolishing Nazi laws is fine by me.

    (Papps’s Law: As a goverment’s behaviour becomes more and more fascistic, invocation of Godwin’s Law becomes inevitable.)

  4. John says:

    11) He has a cultural view of the world that was informed by 1960’s National Geographic features.

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