Consultation on drugs

(no, *about* drugs, you prat).

The government has commissioned a survey asking Members of the Great British Public to fill out their attitudes on the Drug Problem and how to fight the Drug War. Yes, unfortunately that is roughly the way it\’s phrased – however, you can still write in and suggest that sticking junkies in jail is unlikely to help integrate them back into society, that the \’cannabis has got stronger\’ myth is one, and so on…

Link here. Fill it in – you know the prohibitionist twats will.

3 thoughts on “Consultation on drugs

  1. Survey complete. Although i’d rather see a consultation on drugs, to be honest.

    Great blog, by the way.

  2. Hydroponics says:

    There are many medicinal benefits of marijuana, which some medical doctors say alleviates the pain and nausea associated with AIDS, cancer, cancer treatment, and other diseases. I was recently in a serious car accident, in which I was hit by a drunk driver. I broke 6 ribs, my neck, and several vertebrae in my back. I was in the hospital for the last 2 months, and in rehabilitation 6 months since. I have been prescribed medication for my chronic pain, but have stopped taking it after I noticed I was becoming addicted to pain killers. My doctor recommended the use of cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs, and issued a medical marijuana card (I live in California; where it’s legal to grow a few plants). I decided to purchase a grow box using hydroponics, for growing indoors, inside instead of outside; as it would be the easiest way to quickly get my garden producing the natural cocktail I require, and to make it through the day. My pain is almost in-imaginable. After 2 months I now have some beautiful plants awaiting harvest, and look forward to a natural way of relieving my pain. It’s cheaper, and for me more effective. I know marijuana is illegal in most of the country, but for me it is a godsend. I really believe that it should be legalized as an alternative medicine for those in need. Just my 2 cents…

  3. Rob says:

    However, whenever I smoke it now, I feel fucking horrible. Morphine is nice, though.

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