Two pints of cunts and a packet of cunts

Should you have the misfortune to watch the BBC\’s woeful digital channel BBC3, which ignores the fine, edgy comedy the Beeb has commissioned in recent years (Monkey Dust, Snuff Box…) in favour of an endless diet of utter crap, one of the most recurrent programmes on the schedule is Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps.

Watch With Mothers eloquently says all there is to say about this woeful bag of arse, featuring that cunt from the Royle Family, that cunt from Hollyoaks, and some dumb bints.

According to certain fucktards on the Guardian forums, we shouldn\’t criticise Two Pints because:

Stuff like \’Two Pints\’ is incredibly popular among working class twentysomethings

If that\’s true (which I doubt), the already strong case for selective culling of the underclass is further enhanced. It certainly isn\’t an argument for making the fucking thing – thick chavs would watch 24-hour dogfighting if it were allowed on t\’telly, but that doesn\’t mean the Beeb ought to provide it. And Two Fucking Pints is infinitely more painful than watching the horrible suffering of an innocent dumb animal.

If you like Two Pints, then I\’m sorry. More specifically, I\’m sorry but I\’m going to have to kill you, you worthless pathetic piece of vermin.

2 thoughts on “Two pints of cunts and a packet of cunts

  1. Is that piece of shit still going?

    I think you’ve got the cart before the horse on this one though – the whole point of the programme is to create more thick chavs through these role models. Remember, we’re all in it together!

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    I’d like to point out that I was hating 2 pints long before it was cool to do so:

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