It\’s burning time

Occasional blog commentator [xxx] is the most appalling witch of all time. Should anyone burn her, and provide me with documentary evidence that they\’ve picked the correct appalling witch, I shall provide them with money and sexual favours.

Links to examples of [xxx]\’s fuckwittery and/or to her home address are welcome in the comments.

Update: in a misplaced outbreak of morality, I\’ve decided to turn this into a \’guess who I think the most appalling witch who writes blog comments is\’ contest. The winner gets money and sexual favours, or neither, depending on personal preference.

9 thoughts on “It\’s burning time

  1. Easy – it’s Larry Teabag.

    I won’t burn her, though.

  2. Jim Bliss says:

    Don’t be silly. It’s clearly Justin at Chicken Yoghurt. She’s a Labour apologist don’tcha know?

  3. Actually, I think you’re right – I recognise the ring-licking.

  4. Justin says:

    Oi, I licked a lot of ring to get where I am today. Don’t knock it.

  5. 01-811-8055 says:

    Does it start with V?

    Or J?

  6. Larry Teabag says:

    Great, so all I have to do is photograph myself and/or Justin on fire, and I’ll get 5p and be buggered by PDF. Must be my lucky day.

  7. dsquared says:

    if I get it right, could I just have the money please?

  8. PDF says:

    Mr 8055 is so far most on course for money and favours.

    And no, Dan, it’s all or nothing.

  9. 01-811-8055 says:


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