Posted on July 20, 2007

Yay, it\’s more Insane Draconian Fucktardery

Four years in jail for using a mobile at the wrong moment. Longer than, y\’know, an actual robber or violent thug who chose to harm people would have got.

There is no moral difference between the poor girl who\’s just had her life ruined, and every other driver who has driven without paying full attention to the road, which includes every single fucking driver.

I hate the way too many dickheads, and our justice system, are too fucking brain-dead to understand this.

And since you ask, if one of my loved ones were killed by a texting driver, I\’d be very sad and I\’d think that they were very unlucky – but I\’d speak at the trial of the poor sod who crashed into them begging the judge not to ruin someone else\’s life as well in a miserable, medieval quest for vengeance.