Mo\’toons redux

I seem to recall, about 18 months ago, the \”we\’re libertarian, err, except when it comes to Muslims, who should probably all be sent home or killed or something\” branch of blogland getting very excised about the reaction to some puerile cartoons of an old religious geezer.

\”We live in a dhimmi state\”, was the cry. \”People who publish these cartoons get censored and harrassed, while the fanatics who protest about them get away with it.\”

Now the judicial process has run its course, let\’s see the final statistics: number of people prosecuted for disseminating said cartoons: 0; number of people jailed for several years for protesting about them: 4.

Mysteriously, the dhimmibollocks brigade has been silent about this. It\’s almost as if it didn\’t fit their paranoid conspiracist agenda…

One thought on “Mo\’toons redux

  1. Steve says:

    No-one was prosecuted for disseminating the cartoons because, apart from ‘The Freethinker’ and a few bloggers, no-one did.

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