Political correctness gone, err, sensible

Consider a business which – despite repeated complaints from its landlord renders the area around it unsafe. Through its lack of proper procedures, it causes someone to suffer serious injury, in precisely the same way envisaged by its landlord.

I\’m not a huge fan of lawsuits in contexts such as libel, but this seems like a situation where the victim is entirely reasonable to sue – and where the dodgy business that kept up dangerous practices despite fair warning frankly deserves to be put out of business.

Unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail disagrees with me.

6 thoughts on “Political correctness gone, err, sensible

  1. You're a prick says:

    “Scousers are documented to have urinated and robbed the dead bodies of other Scousers”

    Any more news on this yet, sweetie?

  2. PDF says:

    Not that Scousers are whiny cunts who hold a grudge, or anything.

  3. You're a sound feller says:

    Just wonderin’ like. No hard feelings.

  4. Jim Bliss says:

    I agree with you, but the basic problem is the fact that it’s hard to take seriously a story about a person being severely injured by a flower petal, however legitimate the circumstances may be.

    It’s just not an idea that sits comfortably in the mind, especially when the petal gets described by a former military man as “a killer”. There’s something vaguely Monty Python about the whole thing.

  5. I’m with Jim on this one. “Slipped on a petal”? My arse. The silly sod might as well sue himself for buying shit shoes.


  6. 01-811-8055 says:

    Meh, it’d be different if he’d slipped in a homelesses dog’s shit.

    They’d be all like “Put them in a big gas oven! And their dogs!”

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