Get a grip, people

The BBC showed an invited audience a slightly misleading trailer for a documentary about an old lady being photographed. Another branch of the BBC picked a child from the studio audience to enter a quiz competion after its phone system went down (and also, 30 years ago, pretended a tortoise hadn\’t died).
If you think that these utterly trivial accusations prove anything beyond the fact that BBC\’s critics will clutch at any straw in their paranoia, you are silly.
If you think this throws into question whether the BBC should exist, you are bonkers.

One thought on “Get a grip, people

  1. Doormat says:

    Fucking Observer: is this, possibly, because said paper took a pro-war stance, and the BBC took a neutral stance?

    Anyway, check out the section at the end, “The truths behind reality TV”. 7 things, of which 3 are about the BBC. But, of those 3, one is that a scene was “reconstructed” (but no indication said reconstruction wasn’t of something that really happened); one was “rubbished by Kent police”, but “MacIntyre successfully sued for libel”, suggesting that the Kent police were talking out of there arses; and the final one is fair, I guess. So that shows that, well, the BBC are a damn sight better than ITV and C4. Own goal there, Observer.

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