(fx: outbreak of evil bastardry)

On reading the \’young girls shagged \’n\’ bribed into smuggling coke for dodgy Africans, now facing ten years\’ third-world hard labour\’ story, I thought it would be hard to find *anyone* who thought this was a sane, fair or proportionate outcome.

I mean (sensible point) they\’re only kids who barely know what they\’re doing and (slightly less sensible, but still more accurate than most prohibitionist commentary) cocaine is a consensual and mostly-harmless-to-third-parties way of making rich wankers slightly less rich and more wankerish for a few years, until they get over it or die of heart attacks.

Digression: and if anyone\’s got a \’my [relative/friend/person I saw on TV/dog] died of DRUGS and they\’re EVIL and must be STOPPED\’ sob story, then fuck off. Whoever you know that died of coke-related illness undoubtedly had a fuck of a lot more fun than you ever have or will in between their first line and their demise…

Unwisely, I turned to the Daily Mail messageboard:

Withdraw their citizenship, do we really want them back after their sentence is complete?

– Andy, Bradford, England

If only our lilly-livered government could take such strong action!

I hope our media will ensure this is given as much publicity as possible to deter other potential smugglers.

– John, East Sussex, UK

They deserve everything that is meted out to them for this!

– Terence, Hereford, UK

What fucking planet are these mad cunts on? How can anyone greet the ruining of a child\’s life for a trivial non-crime with a \’mmm, yeah, good, more of that please\’?

Sometimes I actually, rather than merely for satirical effect, despair at the utter mindless idiocy and sheer evil of the scum we\’re forced to share this planet with…

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