Crystal ball gazing

Cue endless ill-informed and tedious wanking on and on about how the Evul Turrerists done gonna kill us all. Give it a fucking rest already…

5 thoughts on “Crystal ball gazing

  1. spazmo says:

    By the sound of things this terrorist was a bit shit. He would have been better off just trying to run people over.

  2. fidothedog says:

    Cue lots of articles at the BBC without mentioning the word moslem, muslims or naming a certain religion.

  3. spazmo says:

    This is true. You also wont hear anything Irish Republicans or the Whiteface Clown Liberation Front. It is political correctness gone mad.

    Or it could be that no-one yet knows whether this guy was a Muslim, Moonie or anything else. One of the two.

  4. Geoff says:

    People do seem to be tiring of the wanking on though…

  5. 01-811-8055 says:

    Funny how the self-declared ‘un-pc’ all say exactly what you expect them to, isn’t it?

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