Owright waste of time

If my son, who I believed to be straight, died in a kinky gay drugged-up S&M accident, I might spend some time in denial: \”yes, he was raped and murdered, that\’s it – he obviously didn\’t just take a lot of drugs, have a lot of rough sex and then fall in a pool and drown\”.

But while a father\’s denial is understandable, I\’m sceptical that it should form the basis of a hugely expensive police operation and a series of speculative arrests. Indeed, but for Michael Barrymore\’s fame – and hence the potential for media superstardom in the eyes of the publicity-whoring senior copper inside of the case – I very much doubt it would have done in the case of Stuart Lubbock.

Side note: can we ban all policemen and policewomen from media appearances? Go and solve some fucking crimes rather than playing The Great Detective on TV…

5 thoughts on “Owright waste of time

  1. dsquared says:

    if you’ve had some rough sex while taking other people’s drugs, then fallen into their pool and not been rescued (and not even had the emergency services called for a few hours), then you’ve quite likely been the victim of at the very least negligent homicide and quite possibly actual manslaughter, which is a police matter even in Essex. Barrymore sensibly (given his position) denies that those were the facts of the case.

  2. pdf says:

    I don’t think negligent homicide exists in .uk – it’s manslaughter or nothing. and for manslaughter to be proven, you have to be pretty damn reckless – going to bed when you’re wasted, while another wasted man is wandering about with keys to the swimming pool, wouldn’t cut it.

    also, wtf is barrymore claiming happened? if a man is found drugged, buggered and dead in your swimming pool, then “consensual druggery and buggery and accidental drowning” strikes me as the leasst worst thing to tell the rozzers…

  3. dsquared says:

    Barrymore in fact claims (in his autobiography at least) that the injuries to Stuart Lubbock’s back passage occured post-mortem, either as the result of a *very* heavy hand with a thermometer, or hijinks in the pathology lab. I am not making this up.

  4. Larry Teabag says:

    I’m inclined to agree with Beatnik Salad’s comment on the previous post: you use what ammo you have against these light-entertaining bastards don’t ya?

  5. spazmo says:

    Barrymore denied having a hand in the death of Lubbock. Three fingers at most.

    Police have busted a criminal ring etc.

    Thanks, I’m here all week.

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