Killing: bad; bribing: bothered

The BAe bribery scandal has been moderately entertaining. The latest news is that the Yanks want to investigate, presumably on the basis that shafting foreign competitors is a Good Idea.

But while it\’s quite funny to watch the accusations piling up, it\’s worth bearing in mind that there\’s no moral justification for the case.

If BAe does anything that\’s morally wrong, then that would be selling arms to corrupt tinpot dictators for the oppression of their own people and their neighbours.

It doesn\’t make a blind bit of difference whether the dictators also use the BAe contracts as an excuse to steal money from their own people, or whether they merely use the BAe weapons as a tool to ensure they can continue stealing money from their own people.

In other words, anyone who thinks that BAe\’s core business is acceptable, but that paying off a few dodgy princes is unacceptable, is a sanctimonious cunt talking sanctimonious cant. And the fact that the law allows us to sell guns \’n\’ bombs to third world hellholes, but not to slip their rulers the occasional baksheesh, is fucking stupid.

3 thoughts on “Killing: bad; bribing: bothered

  1. Beatniksalad says:

    Yeah but you use what ammo you have against these bastards don’t ya?

  2. Beatniksalad says:

    No pun intended…

  3. pdf says:

    you’re absolutely right, but I refuse to believe no pun was intended.

    kill ’em all and let god sort it out.


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