Vote for me, you cunts

PDF has been nominated for most politically incorrect blog in some kind of awards ceremony. If I lose, it\’ll clearly be the Jews\’ fault.

6 thoughts on “Vote for me, you cunts

  1. fidothedog says:

    Gave you a vote for that one, Mel Gibson would be proud.

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    I’d like to encourage all your syphilitic, sister-fucking readers not to vote for you, you cancerous pederast, but to vote for me instead.. I am exactly like Jesus, only less of a cunt.

  3. Best of luck old son


  4. Best of luck old son


  5. Neil says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake, PDF, how do you expect to win any awards for Political Incorrectness if you don’t follow the rules?

    “If I lose, it’ll clearly be the *EU’s* fault.” is what you should have said.

  6. pdf says:

    meh, Jews, EU, whatever.


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