Pictures Of Dead Nudes!

This may be the most entertainingly bonkers comment thread ever:

[Some poor sod being libelled] is the one writing messages to himself, sending Miss Lowde anonymous letters, pressing his face against the window and sending her pictures of dead nudes. He has thrown women downstairs in the past, and only escaped his crimes by stating that he went to Oxford University

I didn\’t realise an Oxford education was accepted as an excuse by a court of law (I wonder if the Magistrate can confirm?) – I\’ll have to try that next time I send people pictures of dead nudes and throw them down the stairs.
(yes, I know that Felicity Lowde has made life genuinely threatening and horrible for Rachel North and others – I\’m glad that Rachel can also see the funny side).

One thought on “Pictures Of Dead Nudes!

  1. rachel says:

    I am happy to say that she has now been caught and went to court on Friday ( found in a E London cyber cafe after a tip off from police from members of the public aware of the campaign to look for her). She has been remanded in custody pending psychiatric reports, which means that hopefully she will get a diagnosis and treatment for the condition she apparently suffers from which gives her a compulsion to harass total strangers. She will be sentenced at the end of the month

    Thanks very much for the help. I’m asking everyone who put the Crimestoppers buttons to take them down and I’ve deleted all the update posts as I think it’s best just to forget about her now

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