Questions for debate

1) If a fanatic kidnaps and beheads someone, while filming the results for a DVD, should that be a criminal offence? Should the beheader go to prison? How long for?

2) If someone in a market buys a DVD produced by a fanatic of someone being beheaded, should that be a criminal offence? Should the purchaser go to prison? How long for?

3) If the beheading DVD is uploaded onto YouTube (or fanatic equivalent), and then someone downloads it – hence not funding terrorism or inciting the acts to take place – should that be a criminal offence? Should the downloader go to prison? How long for?

4) If you think the person in example 3 should go to prison, should the people who downloaded Saddam Hussein\’s execution video also go to prison? If not, why not?

5) If the police\’s head of anti-terrorist operations says that the person in example 3 should not necessarily be sent to prison, but should receive a criminal record and be put on a security watch-list, is that an insult to the victims of terrorism, or merely sane?

Discuss, with reference to the obvious analogy.

3 thoughts on “Questions for debate

  1. 1) This is already covered by the crime of Murder. Penalties for such are proscribed. However they are not harsh enough. They should be jailed for life.

    2) No criminal offence. No prison sentence.

    3) Same as 2.

    4) N/A

    5) or the guy is just voicing an opinion. It is irrelevant. Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one.

    The analogy is based on the premise that is nobody watched them then there would be no demand and nobody would then generate any. Yet I would guess most kids abused are not photographed and distributed. Just a small proportion. Our police must have a number for this which can be compared to how many are abused. Because they have all these pictures. Of course it does not tip them over the edge because they have err….. well they are OK with them. Super powers or something. According to what I read half the population of the world is into this stuff. If we truly lived in a democracy it would be on BBC1. And with the way the world is now CH4 at about 19:30. That can’t be right.

    The people that perform the acts need to go away forever plus a month, just to be sure for kidnapping, murder or whatever. Or, for those that have not committed other crimes, submit to having their genital physically removed and being tagged for life. Big tracking pill pushed up the urethra before removal.

    We must also consider that we keep quiet while kid’s genitals are mutilated to fit a religious ideal and at the same time persecute people who photograph babies in the bath. As with most of these sorts of crimes when things like this happen then there is a problem with the law and it is not just. Not that there is much justice in the UK lately.

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    Actually I think there is a difference with respect to 2 & 3 between child-abuse, beheading, and hanging Saddam.

    Notwithstanding Dave’s point that most child-abuse goes unfilmed and undistributed, it’s clear that for child-pornographers there is a profit incentive, and hence a strong argument for banning buying child-porn. I can’t think of a good argument for banning its free distribution, other than as a catch-all deterrant to remove the “I got it free” excuse.

    I’m less inclined to believe that many jihadis are in it for the money though, but they do seek influence through the maximum possible publicity for their acts (which child-pornographers don’t). I think that provides an argument for banning (not necessarily with a jail sentence) the free distribution of decapitation videos. WRT 4, I don’t think this argument applies to the hanging of Saddam.

    WRT 5, the correct answer is “merely sane”.

  3. Spazmo says:

    6) If someone were to Photoshop a picture to create a pseudo-photograph of someone being beheaded should they face criminal penalties? Should someone who merely possesses such images?

    7) Should the creation or possession of a cartoon depicting someone being beheaded be illegal?

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