Electronic deprivation

Due to the wonderful nature of the UK property market and those expert professionals who make the really fucking unusual and bizarre task of \’buying a house\’ very nearly as rapid and simple as, say, building a replica of medieval Rome out of rice grains, my possessions and I are temporarily parted.

This means that, certainly until the weekend and possibly beyond, I don\’t have access to a home computer – only this irritating glorified telephone and my work PC, from which I prefer to avoid pigdogfucking. So posts will either be non-existent or short and badly punctuated without functional links – yes, that means business as usual.

Thought re Joe Barton: yes, the man\’s a nasty little thug. However, I have an equal distaste for people who seek to invoke the police\’s authority over trivial matters as I do for nasty little thugs, and last week\’s incident was undeniably trivial. Had the boy in whose eye Barton allegedly stubbed out a cigar contacted the police, I would not have criticised him in the least.

4 thoughts on “Electronic deprivation

  1. Andy says:

    Are you saying the way Joe Barton assaulted his team mate was “trivial”? the guy nearly lost the site in his eye it says here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=A1YourView&xml=/sport/2007/05/03/sfnmac03.xml
    personally if it was me I would also be pressing charges against mr barton!

  2. PDF says:

    would’ve, could’ve, etc. whatever – it’s obvious that the injuries *actually* inflicted were on the levels of butterfly stitches, not fucking surgery.

    basically, it’s the off-pitch equivalent of diving and pretending to be grievously injured for personal advantage. the man’s a fucking continental footballer, for god’s sake.

    in summary, a plague on the english thug house and the continental ham house alike…

  3. Andy says:

    I don’t think the context is very important though, there’s no situation where you should accept getting punched in the face. you say it like butterfly stitches is fine…but if you got hit by some random guy in the street, and you had the option to press charges would you just let him get away with it?

  4. …there’s no situation where you should accept getting punched in the face.

    I don’t know about that. If I pissed in your girlfriend’s drink over dinner, I don’t think I’d have a leg to stand on, legally.

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