However a blevee is spelt, can we put Paul Dacre in one?

There are reasons why some people might hate Lord Browne, ex-BP CEO. I\’m not among said people – I think he did an excellent job of rebranding an oil company (a fucking oil company, for Christ\’s sake!) as non-evil, and I\’m also amused at the way he shifted the traditional \’we kill people outside the US in order to help the Yanks\’ bottom line\’ focus of a major oil company to do the opposite [*].

However, and irrespective of any of that bollocks – the manner of his departure is fucking disgusting. The fact that because the guy is a queer, the Daily Mail has hounded him out of office is one of the most despicable press abuses of power of this day and age.

[*] you may find the death of 15 Texan hicks in order to benefit British pension funds unamusing. If so, fuck off and read Blognor Regis, or some similar \’swear words and snuffed Yanks aren\’t funny\’ cunt.

One thought on “However a blevee is spelt, can we put Paul Dacre in one?

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    There was a brief but wonderful moment when I thought that the head of the BNP had been hounded out of office for queerness.

    But for fuck’s sake, the man looks exactly like Ian McKellan, of course he’s gay. Not that you’re wrong PDF, but he’s still made a squillion quid out oil, so I’m not going to waste too much sympathy on him.

    So basically you can take your excessively neat mustache, fuck off and go and get a proper sense of humour like what ubiquitous boring blog-commenter dearieme has got.

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