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Both in blogs and in the national media, there is a huge amount of informed, reasoned debate on national and international policy issues. While there is also a great deal of gibbering bigoted ignorance, this is usually easily filtered out (does the writer a) work for the Daily Mail? b) use the phrases \’feminazi\’, \’ZaNu Labour\’ or \’EUrabia\’ without irony?).

On local issues, there is seldom the same level of debate, meaning that idiots are far more likely to get away with ignorant ranting and downright lying, convincing people on a national level that a particular situation does hold sway in at least one place (say, black areas being more criminal than white areas, or Poles stealing Catholic school places from decent English Catholics [*])

So I\’ve been very impressed with a couple of posts this week from Unity at Ministry Of Truth – one tackling a BNPist in Sandwell, who lies that crime is worst in ethnic minority areas within the district when it\’s actually demonstrably worst in majority white areas; and one tackling a lady who believes that Richmond is infested with wicked school-thieving Poles.

Maybe we should set up some kind of rota: every Reality Based blogger ought to find a local bigot-slash-nutter and demonstrate why their claims are false. And then print 1,000 copies of their post and post them through every letterbox in the district…

[*] no such thing, obviously: they\’re all Papist traitors and should be burned.

2 thoughts on “Local idiot smackdown

  1. Spazmo says:

    If they were Spanish it could have been funny. Like Manuel in Faulty Towers, but with guns and stuff.

  2. Spazmo says:

    Obviously that comment should be about the post on those dagos who were raided. I’m a fuckwit. Mea culpa.

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