No, not funny at all

From the East London Advertiser:

ANTI-TERRORISM cops ended up with \’egg pasta\’ on their faces when they raided the wrong home in the hunt for a Muslim firebrand. They swooped at dawn on a house in the Shadwell district of London\’s East End. But all they found were a terrified Italian couple… and their cat…. Police searched the house for five hours before finally apologising and leaving at 10am on April 24.

That is not a light-hearted human interest story. That is a case of incompetent fucktards with guns terrorising innocent people\’s lives. And of holding the poor sods hostage for hours after they should have been aware that they\’d got the wrong house. This should be a public outrage; the cunts in charge should have to resign.

To be fair, the police do appear to be getting slightly less evil. They shot Jean-Charles de Menezes in the head and then tried to posthumously frame him as a rapist; they shot Mohammed Abdul Kahar in the foot and then tried to frame him for the possession of child pornography; in the case of these anonymous Italians they seem to have let them go without any shooting or made-up sex offences. So far, at least.

One thought on “No, not funny at all

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    It’s not even decent pun. Fuckers.

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