I\’ve come for my award

Jim Bliss has an excellent new meme:

the Thick Blogger award; the Thigger. It’s a bronze statuette about 14 inches long which you can shove up your arse.

There are many obvious candidates for such an award. However, I\’m going to award it exclusively to people who\’ve made comedic factual errors over the last week, while also being right-wing dicks who I don\’t much like in the first place. First up, Blognor Regis:

Why aren\’t our current crop of comedians making an impact overseas? Besides Australia that is. It\’s a bit like music. In the 80s the American charts were full of British bands and now only Sting can get anywhere near the Top 1000.

From this week\’s Billboard albums top 10:

8 Joss Stone Introducing Joss Stone Peak 2 Wks On 2
9 Elton John Rocket Man: Number Ones Peak 9 Wks On 1

And with the exception of Good Charlotte, every other album in the top 10 is hip-hop, country or a compilation.

Next up is the, admittedly sitting-duck-ish, House of Dumb:

This [a piece by Clive James on 24 and the ineffectiveness of torture] is what passes for rational debate at the BBC. Oh, hang on – I hear a whimpering from the corner. Mr Liberal would like to point out that this post was in the BBC\’s magazine section, so it should be counted as commentary, rather than news. Well, alright, now lets see the figures on how often Conservative commentators get invited to denounce \’degerenate terrorist enabling Liberal vermin\’ – I\’d start the betting at \’never\’ and work down from there.

He\’s referring to a piece by Clive James, who supports the Iraq war and regularly denounces lefties for blaming Islamist terrorism on the actions of the West (and specifically for anti-Americanism). In short, when it comes to views on the War on Terror, Clive James is far to the right of mainstream British public opinion. And his opposition to torture in the piece is based on the view that it\’s morally abhorrent for us to do it even to bad people, not the view that the people we\’re doing it to aren\’t bad.

Good work, gentlemen. Keep it up…

4 thoughts on “I\’ve come for my award

  1. Neil says:

    So who’s living in a strange fictional alternate reality – you, me, Clive James and the US Army, or Dumb Jon and the producers of TV Show 24?

    My vote goes to the thick cuntish one.

  2. PDF says:

    What, you mean me? Fair play I guess.

    BTW whatever happened to Nibblog?

  3. Neil says:

    Actually, I shouldn’t have included the producers of the show in the latter group – they’re obviously well grounded in reality, having worked out a way of making money from old rope: I dunno what all the fuss is about 24 when you can still get The Professionals and The Sweeney on DVD – they used to torture suspects before it was fashionable.

    The blog got an attack of the dreary commenters, so I gave up and moved elsewhere…

  4. Alex says:


    Wehn lliw soncarvetiesv lrean to sellp?

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