Armchair generals

An obvious point, but still worth making: if you are criticising, have criticised or intend to criticise the sailors who were held in Iran for their behaviour (Lending Propaganda to the Evil Enemy! Oh Noes, The Horror!), then you are a first-rate arsehole and deserve to die.

5 thoughts on “Armchair generals

  1. fidothedog says:

    Well said, mind you I am still of the opinion that we need to nuke some sense into the Iranians.

  2. Yes fair enough. Of course, protocol says otherwise but protocol can fuck off if an Iranian is cocking a glock behind your head.


  3. alabastercodify says:


    No, you’re wrong.

  4. alabastercodify says:

    For example, this man is a twat:

    “I missed Topsy [LS Turney] most of all. I really love her, as a mum and a big sister. Not seeing her and not knowing if she was safe was one of the hardest parts of the whole thing.”

    “They led me down a corridor and into a room, where I saw Topsy in a corner. I can’t describe how that felt…just every emotion rolled into one. I ran up to her, threw my arms round her and cried like a baby.

    “When I’d calmed down, she asked, ‘Do you need another hug, a mother hug?’ and I said, ‘damn right’.”
    – OM Batchelor

    Which is rather what fellow-captive Captain Air of the Marines seems to think too:
    He described the interrogations as “quite friendly” and their 13 days in captivity as “probably a more unpleasant and stressful experience rather than terrifying”.

  5. spazmo says:

    Personally I would steer a middle course. It is perfectly acceptable to describe OM Batchelor as a first-rate poofter. He clearly is.

    But it is quite wrong to say that they should have refused to go on telly saying “we have come to rub our cocks against your women” or whatever it was they did say.

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