No offence, la

I\’m not convinced that slavery reparations are generally a good thing. The fact that the average black American, despite having a lifespan despicably lower than the average white American, has a lifespan despicably higher than the average black African, is an example of how financial costing can\’t really make any sense of the whole issue.

However, there is one factor on the basis of which I would massively support the payment of enormous reparations from the UK to pretty much anywhere on the basis of our involvement in the slave trade. Its name is Liverpool.

Slavery was an immaterial criterion in London and Edinburgh\’s route to being the financial wealth generation centres of the UK; it was immaterial in Birmingham and Glasgow\’s route to being the heavy manufacturing weath generation centre of the UK; and it was immaterial in Manchester\’s route to being the cotton processing wealth generation centre of the UK.

Rather, slavery enriched the \’we\’ve got boats and we do fuck all else\’ centre of Liverpool.

Since Scousers, despite being in a theoretically better position than most people in the North [*] whine a lot about everything [**], it would be delightful to see them being held personally responsible for the real, rather than made-up-and-whined-about-in-an-irritating-accent suffering of the victims of the slave trade. Maybe we could even enslave, whip and torture the fuckers.

[*] in the UK we don\’t make much anymore, but we import a fuck of a lot. Because Scouse dockers are lazy incompetent fucktards, even importing goods to the North of England is now done by making detours to Southampton, Harwich or Rotterdam Europort.

[**] see: footballing death event where Scousers are documented to have urinated and robbed the dead bodies of other Scousers. This is an absolutely true fact. Anyone who mentions it – like (the idiot) Boris Johnson and (the surprisingly praiseworthy, if only for standing up to the Whiny Scouse Cunt lobby) Kelvin McKenzie – gets pilloried, but it is true. If you deny that the bodies of Liverpool supporters were urinated on and robbed by other Liverpool supporters at the Hillsborough disaster, you are a liar and in denial. Most Scousers are liars and in denial.

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  1. RA says:

    As with all media, there comes a point when you read/see/hear something about which you have some knowledge or where you have a personal involvement. I was born in Liverpool, my family are all from liverpool and I’m very fond of the city. I’m not proud to be from there. Pride in an accident of birth is stupidity on a grand scale.

    I don’t doubt that some *people* robbed some other *people* at Hillsborough. Those *people* may well have been from Liverpool. These *people* are nasty. I am of the opinion that football (and pretty much all sport) is a pointless waste of time and money, just like religion and bad music. (there’s no point in telling you that last bit other than to annoy football/deity/kenny G fans who may be reading)

    I’ve visited docks in Liverpool, London and many other places. There’s lazy twats in all of them.

    It’s a very simple retort, I know, but you are stereotyping (albeit with obvious humorous intent AND result)

    Keep up the indignant anger and righteous use of the word cunt.Cheerio.

    (if there’s any typos it because I’m a lazy sod…)

  2. coronation says:

    I sense the motivation for reparation to be one of general vicarious homesickness.

    After all, the slave trade involved removing people from their homelands, so why not reverse the notion. Make reparations contingent on repatriation.

    Repatriation for reparation. There’s a tagline even the Mail can be proud of.

  3. You're a prick says:

    “Scousers are documented to have urinated and robbed the dead bodies of other Scousers” – prove it. The Taylor Report says it wasn’t true.

    “Anyone who mentions it – like (the idiot) Boris Johnson… gets pilloried” – Johnson didn’t make those claims about Hillsborough; read the Spectator leader, you twat.

  4. Hmmm. I don’t doubt that some people did do this although I’ve seen no evidence to the case, my problem with the reporting has always been – 96 people died largely because of a poice mistake. I was always rather confused that the police mistake wasn’t news to the Sun or the 96 people dead wasn’t news to the Sun but it was the small minority of fans who stole from the dead.

    As ‘You’re a prick’ says it isn’t in the Taylor report. Do you have evidence or are you just going to say it is a fact? If you have evidence that is credible, I’ll be happy to believe it. You are also, I think, conflating Scousers with Liverpool fans. Patently, not the case even if the Scouse nation has an unenviable reputation for petty theft.

    Finally, more freight goes through Liverpool today than ever before. Unfortunately, for the unemployed ranks across Liverpool it only needs one man to press abutton these days.

  5. dsquared says:

    if the claims in the Sun’s “The Truth” headline were “true facts”, it seems like a bit of an own goal on the part of that newspaper to have never substantiated them at all, and rather surprising that nobody else has either in the last twenty years, after all it’s not like there aren’t quite a lot of people who hate Scousers.

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