Almost time to burn your copy of Lolita

There is some logic in making child pornography illegal. The people who produce it do seriously harm children and should obviously be locked up. The fact that people who view these images drive supply suggests that it may be rational to criminalise them as well (although it\’s not clear why the same punishments shouldn\’t also be applied to people who download jihadi beheadings, happy slappings, and any other pictures that involve criminal acts and the infliction of harm in their creation).

However, if you think it is a good idea to make pornographic drawings of children illegal, you are a gibbering mad fucktard. Yes, of course they\’re distasteful, but how the fuck does that warrant criminalisation? And given that there is no moral difference between a drawing of a fictional character and a passage of writing about a fictional character, bringing in such laws genuinely would set a precedent for literary censorship (remember, unlike \’classic\’ porn laws, laws on \’indecent images of children\’ have no exemption for literary works).

For the mad buggers in charge to be proposing such measures, they must have some degree of popular support. Which suggests there may even be some people who support them and aren\’t gibberingly mad. If you support them and have some kind of reason for doing so beyond thinking that manga porn is a bit gross, please state it below – at the moment, I genuinely don\’t understand how anyone could possibly think that sending people to jail for three years for possessing naughty comics is a Good Idea.

5 thoughts on “Almost time to burn your copy of Lolita

  1. Larry Teabag says:

    What a surprise that John Reid, of all people, should be behind this fascist fuckwittery. Please may I whore out something I wrote about the cunt?

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    No apparently I may not, cos your linking system is rigged against such prostitution.

  3. PDF says:

    Hmm. WordPress is grumpy about all HTML stuff for some reason, which is why the links I post here occasionally don’t work if I haven’t thought about them enough.

    However, if you just put in the link as text, that will enlighten our readers sufficiently. Please do so.

  4. What if I sold pictures of myself as a child to a paedo? Is that illegal?

    What if I sold them to someone who wasn’t a paedo?

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