First thing we do [says God], we kill all the Luddites

If you think the MMR vaccine does anything other than prevent children from dying, then I\’m not overly bothered about the long-term implications of your goddamn stupid opinion: your children will die of preventable disease, whereas the children of sane people who don\’t worship aliens and who don\’t believe LBJ hid in shady bits of Dallas in 1963 as a career-enhancement plan will live to reproduce.

People who hold the view that – despite no evidence or plausible mechanism to suggest that they might – mobile telephone radio waves cause cancer and therefore they shouldn\’t be allowed are equally mad. Unfortunately, this group\’s lunacy has far greater effects on the rest of us: not only do they refuse to use mobile telephones themselves [worse, most of them don\’t even refuse to use mobile telephones, because they\’re hypocritical ignorant fucktards], but they lobby against demonstrably harmless communications masts.

This has a negative lifestyle consequence for those of us who quite like to be able to communicate with people. More importantly, it also means that the police can\’t communicate with each other. Even as a vague libertarian, I\’m quite keen on rozzers being able to tell each other about, y\’know, murderers, rapists, fugitives, all that kind of stuff….

On the very-mild-plus-side, there is a tiny MMR-style evolutionary biteback: most of these hypocritical fucktards, and their kids, do use mobile phones. The emissions transmitted to a bystander from a mobile phone mast are multiple orders of magitude below those transmitted to a mobile phone user by a mobile phone. And the further away a mobile phone user is from a mobile phone mast, the higher power a mobile phone has to transmit (hence more emissions).

So the ironic news is that in the event that years of scientific study were trumped by hippies with A Bad Feeling About This and mobile-phone-head-cancer stuff were proved to be true, the actions of the anti-mast brigade would still have caused far more emission-related harm than good – the only survivors would be the dedicated mobile phone refuseniks, not the \’no mast near my kids but I still need a phone\’ NIMBYs. The tragic news is that – unlike with MMR – the associated increase in mortality wouldn\’t be restricted to the idiots and their descendants.

4 thoughts on “First thing we do [says God], we kill all the Luddites

  1. “People who hold the view that – despite no evidence or plausible mechanism to suggest that they might – mobile telephone radio waves cause cancer and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed are equally mad.”

    What, apart from the fact that radio waves are a form of radiation (albeit on a substantially different wavelength to gamma rays) and that radiation causes cancer?

    I’m not saying that mobiles do cause cancer, by the way, but there is a plausible causation path actually.


  2. pdf says:

    If the person also believed that electric lights shouldn’t be allowed, since light is a form of radiation and radiation causes cancer, then I’d allow that argument.

    If they didn’t, then I wouldn’t.

  3. bbm says:

    I’m a bit confused about the fact that the government advises against giving young children mobile phones on the basis that the radiation might harm them and that they advise building the masts for these phones next to children’s schools.

  4. Jim Bliss says:

    I wonder do people who believe the blanket statement, “radiation causes cancer”, heat their homes with radiators?

    I know a large part of the heating effect is via convection, but all the same… the clue is in the name folks!

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