Balance on Iran

There\’s an excellent piece by Matt Frei on the contradictions at the heart of Iran (key take out: not bloodthirsty backward place ruled by mentalists, and only a fucktard would believe it was).

If you\’re as sick as me of the brain-dead knee-jerk demonisation of both the country and the regime, then you\’ll enjoy it. If you aren\’t, that suggests you\’ve got no fucking clue about what\’s going on there, and so you need to read it even more.

Also, re sailors: as long as they aren\’t being tortured, which they aren\’t, and will be released as soon as our government has made some concessions (broadly, easing up in the whole \’demonising them and opposing their understandable attempt to defend themselves from Israel\’s nukes\’ business), which they will, bothered.

2 thoughts on “Balance on Iran

  1. Beatniksalad says:

    You do get a very distorted picture of Iran in the press. I don’t think this is because of brain-dead knee-jerk reactions though – at least not entirely. The press naturally focusses on Iran’s policies towards us, which involve developing nuclear weapons which they could use to kill us all, indicating in speeches that they might want to kill us all, and kidnapping sailors. While its good to be reminded that it’s not such a bloodthirsty backward place, it positively is ruled by mentalists. The best the article has to say on that score is that Ahmadinejad doesn’t personally shoot people, but you do risk being jailed and tortured if you oppose the regime. Obvioulsy I’m a fucktard though…

  2. Spazmo says:

    Ahmadinejad is GW Bush with a beard and a funny foreign smell.

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