Continuing a theme

One of Pigdogfucker\’s most cherished running features is the one where we call people who bring libel suits \”stupid litigious cunts\”. Today, it\’s the turn of American golfer (or \”cunty cunt\”, as that phrase can be translated) Fuzzy Zoeller.

Mr Zoeller tried to sue Wikipedia after his entry was defaced. Because America is a bit more sane about libel than the UK, this was laughed out of court – so instead, he\’s suing the company that owns the IP address from which the defamatory copy was posted.

Repeating the copy would be defamatory – but I believe it\’s perfectly acceptable to wonder whether Mr Zoeller has stopped beating his wife…

Semi-relatedly, \”intellectually powerful\” libel solicitor Mark Lewis has made himself (and his client) look like a bit of a tit by trying to sue veteran Northern PR blogger Stephen Newton.

One thought on “Continuing a theme

  1. dsquared says:

    in fairness, my prejudice would be that “veteran Northern PR blogger” might also paraphrase as “veteran cunty cunty cunt”. This is based on no experience of Stephen Newton, however, who might for all Iknow be a complete outlier among Northerners, PR folk and bloggers.

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