George Osborne is a filthy scumbag

It\’s rather poor news, although slightly questionable, that the UK has come bottom among developed countries in a UNICEF survey into child welfare. The survey doesn\’t appear to be on the UNICEF website, so I\’ll hold off detailed comments just yet.

However, it is clearly the case that George Osborne is a cunt: \”After 10 years of his [Gordon Brown\’s] welfare and education policies, our children today have the lowest well-being in the developed world\”, he opines.

#1: welfare and education were Tony\’s sphere; #2: I would happily stake my life on most of the fall in child welfare having happened between 1979 and 1997, and would also stake a sizeable sum of money on Labour having done something (not very much and certainly not enough, but something) to reverse it.

One thought on “George Osborne is a filthy scumbag

  1. wretchedopportunisticdeceitfullyingwankers says:

    I am totally astonished at the brazen hypocracy of the Tories who have the gall to criticise LABOUR for not regulating the markets enough!!! They are lying, deceitful, opportunistic cunts who seem to think (And they may be right) that the British public somehow have forgot what their whole mantra of “the market is always right” bullshit was all about for the last 30 years. If Labour had done anything to regulate the markets the Tories would have screamed blue murder, yet now they condemn Labour for NOT regulating the markets. Their desperation for power is nauseating.

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