\”I told you no-one would mind about Tony Blair\” (*)

I can understand people wanting to kill Tony Blair.

Generally, I\’d expect said impulse to come from someone who\’d been bombed, maimed and seen their families killed in the pursuit of his silly war, or people who\’ve been falsely accused of terrorism, or who\’ve been deported to murderous regimes on his say-so. In fact, it it seems to have cropped up in a pair of provincial fuckwits who\’re grumpy about seeing black faces and having to pay an extra thruppence in tax, but still – I can understand why someone might want to kill Tony Blair.

It\’s when they shift the focus to avuncular Liberal peers, that I feel they\’ve gone too far:

A former candidate for the British National party stockpiled bomb-making chemicals and talked about wanting to gun down the prime minister, a court heard today. Robert Cottage, 49, also discussed his desire to shoot the Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Greaves, the jury at Manchester crown court was told.

(*) Title purloined from old joke

One thought on “\”I told you no-one would mind about Tony Blair\” (*)

  1. Andrew Kenneally says:

    Is justified insanity a legitimate defence?

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